I am a huge fan of Callie Thorpe and have, like a true #fangirl, been following her on social media for quite some time. Now, as any good #fangirl should, I know that Callie got married a couple of weeks ago and that the day looked completely and utterly perfect. And then this morning, whilst still feeling super emotional thanks to a three day hangover, I saw on Callie's twitter that her Instagram post from a few weeks ago (of her in a wedding dress) had been picked up by a bridal magazine, because of the inspirational message that Callie had put alongside the image. 

Underneath the photo of her in her dress Callie wrote: "When I put on my wedding dress I knew it was the one. The gentle sparkle of the dress with the lace detail The champagne colour that perfectly complemented my olive sin, the way it fell over my hops and followed the curves of my figure. It was just magical. 

I never dreamed I would wear a dress like this, I used to think that I would never get married until I was thin. There were even times I doubted myself thinking I would be too self conscious to wear it. But As you grow older and you surround yourself with the right people, you begin to realise that what you look like doesn't really matter to those that love you. Dan has loved me at all different sizes and on the day of the wedding when I walked into the room he turned and teared as I walked towards him, he looked at me like I was magic.

So I would like to say this one thing to brides to be everywhere, plus size or not. Do not feel you have to change yourself or your size to be happy on your wedding day, your partner loves you for who you are, not what you look like. You are deserving of happiness no matter what your size, and you will still be the most beautiful person in the room next to your love because you will be glowing with the love you have for each other.

The happy ending is for everyone so please, please let yourself have it."

Now obviously I have never been married so to a certain extent I can't relate to all of the pressures that come with being a bride, but I am bridesmaid for my best friend in October and for that reason I couldn't help but share this message. She is going to be such a beautiful bride and thankfully isn't going into mental crazy diety maniac panic mode, but I know that she is aware, as is the same with all brides, that this is a very big day and that she feels she ought to look a certain way for it.

Yet, of all the people that I know that have got married (which is a LOT), I have never once seen an 'ugly' bride. Because they simply don't exist. It's a beautiful day, ultimately, irregardless of what you are wearing. Of course that isn't to say that the dress isn't important, it is, you want it to be perfect, and that is how it should be, but in terms of how you look in it? For one day, just mute the self criticism and instead of looking at your stomach and how it pulls, look up and into your own reflection.

As Callie has pointed out, on a day that special, your smile really will say it all. So to my gorgeous friend Anna, please remember how beautiful you are going to look on your wedding day and to Callie, congratulations and thank you for being so wonderfully inspiring. I hope you had the most magical day in the world and love every single day of your happy ending, because you totally deserve it! xxxx