Yesterday afternoon I was utterly exhausted, I was due to be playing tennis with Alex at 7 but we had both decided at about 4pm that a night on the sofa catching up on Ray Donavon was actually a much better idea. But then, as so often happens on a Thursday night in London, a friend got in touch with me at about 6 to see if I was around and before I knew it there was a small group of us together who were going to go out to our local for dinner at 7.30.

I got home at about 6 and spent a good 20 minutes looking at the sofa, 100% not arsed to go out and wishing desperately for a fifth night in a row at home watching the olympics, but my FOMO and inability to cancel plans set in and I pulled myself together.

Anyway, long and boring story short, I went and had a lovely time. I caught up with friends that I hadn't seen for a little while, saw Alex outside the house for the first time all week and drank more than one should on a week night. It was perfect and despite the slightly furry mouth this morning, I am really happy that we went out and had a lovely time.

But why am I telling you this really boring story about my relatively uneventful Thursday night? Well that's because, despite it's uneventfulness, I learned a valuable lesson about myself last night.

I have two modes. Couch potato/lazy shit and superduper social butterfly. There is no middle ground and normally the two cannot work alongside each other in a week. I'm either out every night and exhausting myself or am totally MIA, only to be found on the sofa or near the fridge. And generally that works for me, two weeks on, one week off, two weeks on, one week off, it's how I'm able to function. But there are times when I need to have a word with myself when I am doing too much of either thing. 

When I go through periods of doing EVERYTHING, I am normally only stopped by my body which goes into rebellion mode and throws some nasty cold my way. But then during my periods of nothing but a numb bum from too long on the sofa and hiding from my friends and my phone, I really have to force myself to break the cycle, to get dressed up again and be ready to face the world.

But reflecting on last night and the last few years of my life in general, I have decided that my life is a much happier place when I am saying yes to everything. Of course it would be easier if I knew HOW to actually leave a party before the lights came on or that jaeger doesn't necessarily need to be my Tuesday night drink of choice, but I'm still learning. 

Whenever I talk to my dad he is always incredibly disappointed if I am not super busy. He has always told me that at my age, I should be 'burning the candle at both ends' and that being out every night in your twenties is what living in London is all about, and he's right. 

Of course my bank balance couldn't cope with a daily battering (it's hard stretched on a weekly), I'm not a robot so do need sleep eventually and I do REALLY enjoy watching boxsets, but I am also becoming desperately aware that this is the youngest that I am ver going to be, that my life is moving at a million miles an hour and that I can sleep when I am dead.

Nothing particularly note worthy happened last night; I had a burger and chips, we introduced a friend of mine to Snapchat and stayed up way too late playing beat the intro with music from the 90s. It won't go down in the history books as one of the best nights of all time, but it was really good fun. And all things considered, that's all any of us really want isn't it?

And so I can't promise you that your dinner will be the most delicious thing that you ever put in your mouth, or that you will have more fun tonight than you have ever had in your entire life. But, you never know, and really, when you think about it, what have you got to lose?

Memories are not made mid-boxset I know that much for certain.

I also know that friends and fun are good for the soul, and that it is very important to spoil your soul. 

So do me a favour, cancel this weekend's plans of doing sweet fuck all and go out, see your friends and have fun. The washing can wait. The season finale isn't going anywhere and it is true what they say, there is plenty of time for sleep when you're done burning bright on Earth.