I’m afraid this probably won’t be the nicest letter that you receive today. But I’m not sorry. Do you remember me? I quite recently came quite close to working for your company. Let me jog your memory.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t actively seeking employment, your job agency (very kindly I thought) called me, after finding my CV online and asked if I might be able to send them some more details. They asked if they could send my application. They asked if I might have some time to complete their online tests. In fact, right then and there they asked if I was available for an interview. ‘An ideal candidate’ I believe was the term that they used!? This all occurred within a few days, and so please understand my excitement that, after a few short days, I found myself preparing for an interview…

Yet here I am, writing because I am, unfortunately, disgusted. The bubble of excitement and anticipation that I had found myself in was popped in an instant when I received a telephone call from your company to check that I was sure that full time work was what I was looking for because, and I quote, I have “anxiety and depression...” As if I didn’t know.

Firstly, as you know, I was aware of the job spec and working hours before I agreed for you to send over my CV, most certainly before I accepted the interview. Secondly, and this is the big one, would I have received that phone call had my illness been crohns, or diabetes? Why is it that you lot can’t seem to get this into your heads? Mental illness IS a fucking illness. And the fact that you twats (sorry not sorry) are basing my suitability for work on that information, is discrimination, and it is disgusting. I don’t even care that you snooped through my Facebook page, I get that. But to take my private posts and the information in them and come to the assumption that I am a fruit loop? That isn’t fair. That is actually WRONG.

My little boy was diagnosed with a life limiting illness. I took it really fucking hard, I was depressed. I think that’s the least that you could expect in such circumstances in which you are told your child has a terminal illness. Hell, I think I handled it very well considering I felt like shaving my head and calling myself Britney! I am very open and honest about it. Mainly because it is nothing to be ashamed of, I am not embarrassed and I don’t think that in this day and age anyone should be. There is such a stigma attached to mental illness and THIS is why. I want to use my experiences to help others, to show people that is possible to be that fucking low and still be able to pick yourself up and put the broken pieces back together. I’m proud that I can share this!

I was invited for an interview with your company on my own merits and capabilities. My CV obviously impressed, and I clearly did alright with the online tests. The interview was then postponed, on the day, after I had spent TWO hours trying to not look like a frazzled fucking Mama! I then receive a telephone call questioning my health and my motives? And then, coincidentally, when I point out the discrimination, I get offered another interview date? It is looking very fucking suspicious. Sneaky fucking deaky, hmm…

Well, quite frankly, I don’t want to work for a company that can’t support mental health, one that actually discriminates against it. In today’s society we should be encouraging people to get well, to return to work, to better themselves after an ILLNESS. Because believe it or not, I am NOT a fucking fruit loop… most of the time! I had reservations about leaving my child for the first time, just the same as any other sane, well minded mother would, no SHOULD, feel when considering returning to work! Because he is my priority, and I have spent every waking (and non waking!) moment with him for the last 22 months and it made me a little anxious to think that my little sidekick would be someone else’s responsibility! I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t have any reservations about it…

I can’t believe that I’m even having to write this letter, because let’s face it… None of this is actually your fucking business. Do you think it’s right that I am justifying myself to you, or anyone else for that matter? I’ve no doubt that you will come across this letter after a casual snoop through my Facebook account again (Hi!), and so I hope that perhaps your company can learn from the experience. I certainly have, so thank you! This opportunity obviously wasn’t for me, so I shall be remaining a stay at home Mum and carer to my beautiful little boy. Because he, at 22 months, is still unaware of the discriminating, judgemental fuck nuggets of the world, and thanks to you, I am going to make it my life mission to keep it that way for as long as possible!

Unkind regards,