Love her or hate her, you can't fault Taylor Swift for her success. She came out of obscurity with her Girl-Next-Door look, stupidly catchy songs and guitar and has worked tirelessly to make a success out of her life, and that is exactly what she has done. 

So when did Taylor go from being a successful pop star to "the most calculating woman in music"?

Over night it seemed people started to turn against her, her music which was once catchy and popular, became uninspired and generic. Her strong #GirlBoss movement went from a great thing for feminism to transparent, damaging and apparently 'dangerous'. And her love life? Well her love life went from something stupidly enviable to 'calculated' somewhere in-between Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles. 

All of a sudden everyone's golden girl had became a menace, a bad example, a slut. Yes you heard me. A woman with a nearly entirely female fanbase has been branded with the s-word. For doing what exactly? For living her life as men have been doing FOREVER.

For the last couple of days, social media has been awash with memes, all featuring Taylor as the news broke that she may or may not be shagging the Night Manager a 'mere' two weeks after she split up with her boyfriend Calvin Harris... what seems to have gone unnoticed however is the fact that Calvin apparently had an affair... #justsaying.

The long standing joke now is that Taylor is only dating men so that she can write about the break up... lol. Funny joke right guys? But can I just say quickly that at least she is writing her own songs, which is much more than we can say for a lot of artists out there. But I digress.

We are supposed to be the #GirlBoss generation, Taylor Swift literally pioneered the #GirlSquad movement. All of us are supposed to be standing together to ensure that women are free to sleep with whoever they want and to be met with the same reaction that men are.

We are supposed to be working towards the day that a woman can do the walk of shame with something close to pride, but how is that ever going to happen if Taylor can't even go on a first date with a man without being 'slut shamed'?

So what is the problem with Taylor? The likes of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are out there, day in, day out, singing about sex, pussy and fucking like it's going out of fashion. The most famous woman out there right now (Kim K... duh!) is literally famous because she made a sex tape. But can you imagine slut shaming one of them for getting papped on a first date? Nah. Not a fucking chance.

Is it because Taylor is so girl-next-door? Is it because she is and always has been so pro-women? Is it because she has never gone further than an innuendo in a song? Has she now set the precedent for her entire life? By being the most normal and best option for young girls on the hunt for an icon is she destined for a life of punishment? By doing the right thing for all the other women out there, she seems to have doomed herself. 

We NEED to stop analysing this poor woman, we NEED to stop scrutinising and we NEED to stop punishing her. 

Love her or hate her, she doesn't deserve this and as long as we continue to slut shame her for so much as shaking hands with a man, feminism doesn't stand a chance. Let's be the change here girl, let's give Taylor a break.