When Em asked me to write for the Pretty Normal Me blog it was meant to be about business. So far I’ve done a yoga class, a pilates class, written a fair bit about nudity, and a lot about wellness. So I figured the time is right and I better get down to business (get it?!) before I get fired ;) not that Em would ever fire me. She’s a #megababe #girlboss.

I started my business over two years ago and I very quickly found that there are two ways I could go about it. I could strive to grow by putting other people down, or I could work with people, lift them and enable them to lift me. I’d strongly advise going for the latter. With millions of people starting businesses every year, and billions of social media accounts, you might want to think about working with people to stand out and make noise. 

Here are a few things I’ve learnt that I wanted to share with you:

- Work with/for people who share the same set of values as you.

If you fundamentally agree, you’ll find conversations/situations that could be tricky, much easier to resolve. 

- You’re at work 5 days a week, make it enjoyable by surrounding yourself with nice people.

Working with pleasant people makes every day a pleasure (funnily enough). In fact, as I was writing this, Alice who works with me at Araminta Marketing just bought me some water because she noticed my glass was empty. How thoughtful is that? Case and Point.

- If you’re starting off and you don’t have an office, work from a cafe or library whenever you can.

Working at home every now and again is fun, you get loads done, but it slowly gets really lonely, demotivating and can blur the line between work life and home life leading. People even find working from home every day leads to loss of sleep because they wake up and stare at a screen until bed time.

- Set boundaries.

We live in a time of ‘B+Leisure’. This is where business and leisure are crossing over. We become friends with bosses, clients, employees, we socialise in the day and work in the evening, we wear workout clothes to meetings or casual clothes to work. Make sure you set boundaries such as leaving your laptop at the office if you have one, or shutting it down at 6.30pm most days. You can respond to emails from your phone. Keep a level of professionalism when talking about work. If you work with/for your friends or your partner, make sure you have friend/partner time that doesn’t involve work.

Working for yourself is really hard, but so rewarding. Seriously, I love it so much that whenever I end up sitting next to people at dinner who tell me they have a business idea, by the end of the next week they usually ring me to say they have quit their job to start their own business.

This has happened three times. Luckily, their business ideas were great, if I didn’t think so I would have told them. Actually that’s my final piece of advice for this blog post - if you have a business idea but know you shouldn’t start your own business just yet, don’t sit next to me at dinner. Or any meal for that matter...