As I type this our house is half way through it's first ever spring clean. We woke up this morning and decided we wanted to get the whole thing up to B&B standards and subsequently have spent the last 9 hours tearing it apart only to put it back together again, minus the dust. Although it gets a clean once a week and a tidy every day, this it's first time getting a head to toe makeover and it's been awesome.

I love my house but it is very expensive to make it exactly as I'd like it and we're still missing some things to help it feel like home (shelves etc), and because I work from home I often get a little stir crazy so I think doing something like this can be really good for the brain.

You want the sort of house that, when you creep into the kitchen for a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, smells and feels fresh and lovely and that's not the easiest thing in the world to do all the time, particularly when you have the kind of boyfriend who invites everyone back here for nightcaps during the week, as I do. 

So for the sake of my sanity as much as anything else, the house got cleaned to within an inch of it's life today.

But it's a bloody daunting thing to take on, so I have pulled together all of the tips that I have picked up today to help you on your spring cleaning mission:


I am the most sentimental person on the entire planet and so this one is really important for me as I hold onto EVERYTHING so I made a rule today which was to throw away everything that I haven't either used or thought about in the last month (not including the christmas decorations obviously).


We have a bookshelf in the sitting room that literally accumulates EVERYTHING. Post, dog treats, jewellery, hair ties, lighters, you name it, the shelves hold it so instead of cleaning the surfaces by putting everything onto the shelf, as is the usual, I threw away or re-homed everything currently on it before starting again.


There is literally no point making the house look amazing if it still smells like stuffy winter so get a breeze rolling through, the hard work will keep you warm anyway so don't worry about that.


Don't do a little bit of everything or else it will be come a little bit of nothing and you'll get bored and end up with more of a mess than you had when you started.


I have to say I always thought this was bollocks but recently I have started to hate working in my home office because it feels so bleurgh. There is hardly anything on the walls, it's cluttered and my desk faced the wall, I've swung it all around and now it feels a million times better and I'm actually looking forward to Monday, weirdly.


You don't need to spend a fortune at all for this but I think it does make a massive difference to at least bring something new and fun into the house. I chose smelly things today that I actually really recommend. 

Found these in Zara Home and they are amazing, super duper citrussy (not a word but I like it) and they smell so super fresh, the sticks have only been in the office for an hour and already it smells so damn good so that's well worth looking into!

I love my house but particularly for me because I work from home it can often feel a bit claustrophobic, so the spring clean has been totally amazing for me and something that I definitely recommend if you feel like your life needs a bit of a declutter right now!