After a lot of persuasion my very dear friend and CEO and founder of Araminta Marketing has finally agreed to describe the time that she (bravely!) orchestrated a marketing pitch, totally naked...

No, this isn’t an exaggeration. I recently pitched to a client naked. Not ‘naked under a towel’, or with my underwear on. Totally and completely nude.

Here’s the context: I run my own marketing agency, I love my job; we work with the most amazing clients and are very lucky to be able to select our clients on mutual values, interests and enjoyment of working together. A lot of new business comes from conversation around these values. 

So.. the other day, I went for a bridesmaids pre-wedding spray tan I’d purchased on Wowcher. On the way there I was trying to find them online to confirm the address and they were impossible to find.. The website was down, no google maps, no social media. That’s fine. A lot of small salons don’t have or need social media, especially if they are building their database through Wowcher, footfall, word of mouth.. 

When I arrived at my destination, after a few wrong turns, I walked in to the loveliest salon to interrupt the owner having a meeting. I waited for a bit and I could immediately tell ‘these guys are growing something here, and it could be great’. Hearing the enthusiasm and passion with which she spoke about her business, I felt really excited for them. 

The owner guided me to my room and asked if I wanted paper pants, in that ‘don’t bother with the paper pants’ tone of voice. She left me to undress, giving me a few minutes to soak in the relaxing atmosphere, during which time ideas of what they could achieve with some basic marketing kept popping in to my head. 

The owner re-enters and makes polite conversation whilst attempting to make my skin slightly less luminous with the first layer of tan. I ask how long they’ve been going.. how its all going.. how they get their business.. when it slips out: ‘you know your website isn’t working..would you like me to have a look at it?!’ 

And there we go.. she asks what I do and the pitch begins. Naked. I had an instinct and ran with it. Luckily my instinct was correct this time and she didn’t think I was completely mental. Could have gone either way though! I mean, I’d recently lost a few pounds and my gym sessions had just about started to take effect so I was clearly feeling a little body confident that day. 

When it comes to my business I am very confident, I love what I do and know that I am good at it, but when it comes to my body? Like most women, the idea of admitting to 'loving' my body just seems crazy. I didn't love my body at the time, but thanks to that rush of confidence, I was able push my inhibitions aside to do something amazing, I felt it going in a good direction and that's in a way the best feeling because no one is perfect, but the feeling of going in the right direction, which is winning and is a great confidence boost.

I don’t 'not like my body', I just know where I want to keep improving, I'm full of self-optimisation (if that's a word?). So I suppose that's what the lesson is here, even though you might not love one element of yourself, sometimes it's best to just push that aside and focus on your strengths, who knows what you might achieve!

I wish I could say it was some edgy, bold marketing move.. but now I’ve done it once, who knows?! I’ll keep you posted if it was!