I never used to walk. Not as a hobby, I didn't understand why you would want to set off from somewhere, fully intending to arrive back at the same place in an hours time, just a bit colder and a bit wetter than you were before. But then of course, I got a puppy and I had to start walking.

BB (Before Bua) I think I was fundamentally quite a lazy person, I would go to the gym or partake in exercise, but once I had 'human' clothes on again that was sort of it for my physical exertions  It was fine when she was a really little thing because she could hardly make it half a mile before she got tired, but as she has grown and her energy supply seems never ending, we've started walking miles.

And to be honest with you, there were a few elements of this that I disliked:

1) It was ridiculously cold.

2) I couldn't be bothered.

3) I got really really bored.

However, having said this, one of my NY Resolutions was to walk with her for at least 3 miles a day and I have to say, since I've come back to work after Christmas I've felt like a really positive person and I'm accounting that to the walking.

Here's my list of stuff that's really really good about it:

1) When I go first thing in the morning, the cobwebs are blown straight off. 

It's bright and cold outside and it means that I get a really good kickstart to the day. It also means that I slightly work up an appetite for breakfast, which is something I never thought possible. Because I work from home it's really nice to feel that I've actually DONE something before I arrive at my desk. I've seen a bit of the outdoors, nodded hello to a few people and wrestled Bua away from a pit-bull, which seems much better for my brain than half an hour on social media.

2) It's making me a more sociable person.

No seriously, I now go out for a lunchtime walk and I find it's a really good time to catch up with people on the phone, whether it's my boyfriend, mum, (it's usually my mum), friends or work people, it means that I'm having a nice open conversation and it's making the walk more fun. It also means that I'm making time for people that I wouldn't otherwise have spoken to.

3) It is actually good exercise.

I was always such a Doubting Diana when it came to this, I really thought that it was a lazy person's way of making themselves feel better about never having gone on a run. But it actually is exercise! If you can walk a couple of miles every day at a brisk pace it's awesome, I've started to notice my calves getting more toned and the stairs becoming easier so that's kind of awesome.

4) You see stuff that you wouldn't otherwise see.

I know this probably applies more specifically to me because of the working from home thing, but I suspect it's similar to those of you who sit in an office all day long. It's true on most streets or in most parks there isn't THAT much going on but if it wasn't for my new found hobby there's loads of stuff I wouldn't know, up to and including the name of every single dog in the park and that there is a man who does a poo in the bushes sometimes.

5) It is a very good way of clearing your head.

Even if you didn't realise that your head needed clearing, sometimes we find ourselves with brains that feel like cotton-wool just from sitting in the same pattern day in, day out. We're lead to believe in films that the lead character can only ever go for a walk with a sad/inspiring song in the background when something epic and moving is about to happen. This doesn't need to be the case. It might be that you don't know what to have for lunch and a lap round the park might help you decide... who knows. Cabin Fever is the worst and we often don't know we've got it until it's too late and we're beyond stressed, tackle it pre-emptively and get some fresh air in ya.

So there you have it, just whatever you do make sure that you're wearing comfortable shoes because none of the above is true if you're three miles away from home in a pair of heels. If that is the case then walking is complete and utter bollocks and to be avoided at all costs.

Otherwise, enjoy!