This weekend I found myself back in the gym after a healthy six weeks off. A combination of a bout of shingles, a lot of home-made cookies and sheer laziness has caused my entire body to lose every ounce of toning it had ever known, and so this was something I had been dreading for a while.

So when on Saturday morning I woke up to a text from Frankie asking if I'd be ready for the gym in 15 minutes, I told her to wait another 10. Because I had to get ready! Yup, you heard me right...

I wasn't exactly attatching false eyelashes but I was cleansing my face, brushing my hair, putting my fancy oil on and shaving my legs... Why? Because actually I didn't want to look that grim on my first day back! Which I know sounds totally bizarre but hear me out on this one...

There are a whole tonne of reasons that a girl might want to look good in the gym and actually they'd be forgiven for all of them:

1) If you're starting at a new gym, you may want to make a good impression...

2) You might fancy your personal trainer

3) You might be feeling competitive in pilates class with your nemesis.

4) After six weeks off, you want to show everyone that you're neither dead nor just a huge lump of lard that gave up on herself entirely... you're still hot stuff.

5) More than any of that; if like me, you've taken some time off and you feel like you're losing your body, it may feel like there is no point going back because looking good is a distant memory! I don't think I've ever woken up feeling gorgeous (or anything close to it), so the idea of rolling out of bed and heading straight to the gym terrifies me. Basically, if I can make the scruffy mess that is me in the morning, as 'attractive' as possible (by my own standards of course!) then my goal feels a little closer.

When I don't exercise, I get bad skin, I don't sleep so well, I look a bit ill and tired all the time. The lack of endorphins is shown in my face and so actually my lack of abs becomes the least of my problems! I KNOW all of this when I plan to go back to the gym, I KNOW that it's good for me but it still seems an overwhelming prospect! So, if I hide my bad skin under foundation and my less than defined tummy under a t-shirt, I sort of forget how big the challenge is!

I've never really been a big fan of big leaps, I'm more of a baby step kind of person, so the massive amount of work I need to do to get back to my desired body seems wayyyy too daunting to do all at once. I couldn't get from beast to beauty after just one hour.

The other benefit to the makeup is of course the sucess of the innevitable selfie (oh come on, we've all done it...) When I got out the gym on Saturday I took a photo of myself, sweating my tits off that when I looked at this evening I thought GO YOU.

I looked really good (regardless of the fancy oil), because those endorphins were shining through! When I look at that photo now I inspire myself to get back into the gym. It was one of my little baby steps. And you may well be more inclined to keep that photo if you're happier with the way you look in it, no shame in that. 

 Who knows, there may well be more benefits to this getting-glam-for-the-gym thing than I'd thought!

So in conclusion, the reason we won't judge you for wearing makeup to the gym, if it's easier for you, and if you're more comfortable with a bit of slap on, then that is fair enough, as long as you're doing your best you might as well be FEELING your best!

NB. We ought to say at this point that this probably doesn't apply to those mega made-up beauties of the world who come into the gym, to sit on the exercise balls and gossip because frankly, they're giving us women a bad name... and pissing me off.