The majority of us have all shared that moment in a fitting room where the garment of choice does not fit. It will just not slide as effortlessly over your body as you would like and the result is either:

 it won’t go up or down at all (yep you’ve tried breathing in as much that is humanly possible)


It can but Good Lord can you see every bump and lump-it even looks like you could have a third boob!

Your mood is somewhat deflated and the idea of shopping is suddenly not so fantastic. You make promises that you will wake up every morning at 5am and hit the gym. You tell yourself you will prepare your own lunches and bypass anything that has wheat in. You declare yourself gluten AND lactose intolerant! 

Yes, the majority of us have all experienced this at one point or another and I think the point is we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. I obviously advocate a healthier lifestyle but I am also a strong advocate of leading an enjoyable lifestyle as well. 

There are a number of reasons why we all put on weight but sometimes we just have to accept that more recently we’ve been allowing ourselves to be more indulgent than not. And by indulgent, perhaps we’ve just been allowing ourselves to enjoy aspects of our diets slightly more than late. Yes we went to work drinks (twice) that week, yes we sacked off the gym to watch Game of Thrones whilst glugging glasses of red wine and inhaling an entire pizza. If we are being totally honest we know we haven’t been quite as on the ball of late and that is OK! 

You shouldn’t allow yourself to beast yourself over a size in a shop (I mean can H&M be any less forgiving?!). Yes it may be the kick start we needed to get back into a routine, but don’t let the size in those god for saken jeans define you. You’re not any better or worse than you were the ten minutes before you tried on the garment in question. 

I think we fear that once we go up a size its only uphill from there. Like we will forget how to not stuff our faces and suddenly find ourselves bed bound in a year’s time? This-will-not-happen. Just like we can go up a size, we can also go down (or stubbornly not go either up or down). 

We as women can put ourselves under so much pressure to adhere to a certain image of what we think is socially acceptable, but at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves whether we are happy with ourselves. Perhaps you were actually too small, that size you were trying to be was just too hard to maintain. Perhaps you’ve just been being lazy and this was just the kick up the back side you needed to get your arse in gear and go to the gym. 

Don’t be afraid of going up a dress size, the only person who thinks you have ‘failed’ is you and the only person who can change that is only ‘you’. Either way, this does not have to be permanent. This is just temporary whilst you work out what it is you want, in what will hopefully be in a healthy and attainable way.