Most of us have been incredibly lucky over the last two weeks and have had a massive stint off for Christmas and New Year, which is all well and good of course - until you find yourself where you undoubtedly will be right now, freaking out about going back to work tomorrow.

This is what I imagine is going through the head's of the nation this evening...

7AM you said? You want me up at 7AM? Good Lord, what does that even look like? I can't remember. The closest I've been to 7AM in the last few weeks has been New Year's Eve and my 5AM bedtime. 

Right. Clothes. I'll need clothes. Do I? What do I normally wear? Oh God, will anything even fit?

What do I take? Do I normally take stuff? Will I need tissues? Why are their tissues in my bag? I probably won't need those. No, best to stay on the safe side, it's January after all, someone will be ill.. I'll take them.

How do I get there? Well, like, how do I normally get there? I get the bus of course but, what if everything's changed? What time do I normally leave? What if someone changed the route over Christmas and now it won't stop when I want it to?

WHAT ARE WE ALL GOING TO TALK ABOUT? There are only so many times I can tell everyone that 'yes my break was fab thanks, nice and quiet, how was yours?' (because let's be honest you don't want to tell your co-workers/boss that you were absolutely shit faced every night on wine and now you're definitely going to need another holiday.

Is that about right? That feels about right.

So. What are we going to do about it?

Well ideally we'd have done a dry run this morning with the alarm but unfortunately it's a bit late for that now, so I suggest you find something that you can be excited about for the morning to give you that kick out of bed. Get a new lippy for Christmas that you've not worn let? Make tomorrow the day. 

If lipstick isn't your thing (it's not mine), then download an episode of something to watch on the commute, or buy a new CD for the car - anything that's exciting enough to entice you from your bed.

PLAN THE OUTFIT TONIGHT. Even if you've never given a flying fuck about an outfit before, there will be an element of panic in the morning. Just pick something tonight that you know that you are happy with or comfortable in and lay it out - up to an including knickers.

In terms of what to take and how to get there, I find it best just to follow your feet. And your instincts. Just don't forget headphones whatever you do, that's a rookie first day back mistake.

In terms of talking to people politely about your holidays, you have two options:

1) Tell them something outrageous, like about the surprise orgy that you found yourself in on Christmas Eve with a guy dressed as Santa and four elves, or about the time you got arrested on NYE for smuggling poppers. Chances are you won't get many follow up questions to that.

2) If you haven't got children, find someone with children and if you do, find someone with younger children to talk to, chances are they will have had a busier time than you and will rejoice in talking to adults. Hopefully they'll be so excited by that they won't ask you much.

I should probably mention at this point that I work from home and so am in no way shape or form qualified to make these suggestions, but take them or leave them!

Good luck gals! xx