So apparently tomorrow, Monday 18th January is the most depressing day of the year, thanks to a combination of our debt, the weather, and the time passed since Christmas which means that our motivation is low.

We're not loving the sound of this and so we've decided it's time to turn Blue Monday Pink. Here's some stuff that you can do tomorrow to cheer it up!

Make plans for tomorrow night.

Listen to "HAPPY" before you get out of bed.

Be sure to smile at at least 10 people.

Tell someone a joke. 

(We recommend asking them the difference between a bufallo and a byson, because you obviously can't wash your hands in a bufallo!)

Make sure you've got some chocolate to hand at all times.

Look at this photo of a pig wearing welly boots.

Walk to work or find something to do that will release some endorphins.

Do something really good - register to be a blood donor, volunteer for something or vow to visit an ederly neighbour or friend.

Dance around the house the minute you get the chance.

Sign up for something that you've always wanted to do - join a night class or find a new hobby.

Smile like a lunatic.

Make yourself feel pretty - and definitely wear something fun.


Don't let tomorrow get you down - it's just a day, and let's make it a wonderful one at that!! Lots of love gals xx