Everywhere that I am looking at the moment, I am seeing incredible stomachs.

In the gym, there are three women who are ALWAYS in there when I go who are literally just muscle machines, I loathe and am in so much awe of them at the same time. On social media there are the most amazingly attractive 'friends' of mine sharing photos of their beautiful bodies which I'm sure only exist to make me green with envy, and then there is the news which is of course a relentless stream of celebs sharing their diet tips and workout regimes to help us all down the path of self-improvement.

And thennnn I look down.

I haven't so much as seen the sun in what seems like forever and for some reason I seem to be incapable of stepping away from the fridge at the moment. I haven't got a bad body, and don't think for a minute that I'm putting myself down or anything, but after months of only seeing women with perfect tummies, I'm getting overwhelmed.

When I was younger I think I would see a lot more in the way of 'real' women, because I was at school and spending lots of time with other girls. We'd share clothes and change in front of one another so I wasn't alone in my cellulite and my freckles.

But now, even if I see photos of 'bigger' girls (by that of course I mean a size 8 or up), they're usually pretty bloody sexy anyway. So me and my rolls are feeling a little lonely over here.

Anyway, I just wanted this to serve as a healthy reminder to y'all that when you're sitting down and you see, what looks like a wave of flab between your boobs and your legs, that you are not alone.

Of course all our waves differ in size, as no two are the same, but it's worth knowing that the swell is always bigger in your head anyway.

I'm letting myself get really miserable about my tummy at the moment, I am feeling self-conscious and ashamed. When I would normally be happy to eat what I want, for some reason I am now finding myself feeling guilty and ashamed when I'm eating stuff that I know will cling onto my tummy.

And that's not right, because I love food, and I love my body so this isn't fair.

But the problem isn't me, just like it isn't you. The problem is that we are so surrounded by 'perfection' that when comparing ourselves to these ridiculous standards, we will never compete.

It's a widely known fact that stomach fat is the hardest to lose, and that most of the weight that stays on your tummy is as a result of stress and diet - so no matter how many sit-ups I do - ultimately, unless I totally give up all things delicious and stop getting stressed (er hello?!), I don't stand a chance.

When we see celebrities sharing photos on Instagram and friends sharing amazing pics on Facebook, we need to remember that this isn't real. Yes, THEY are real, but the images are not - because they're not real to you, or to me. The people in question would not have shared the photos if they weren't feeling super confident, and if they didn't think that they look great.

So, what I need to do instead of moping, is put a jumper on, finish my pizza and get over myself, because at the end of the day, there is a lot more to me than my stomach and I will not let my insecurity define me. And nor should you...