Normally I dislike the idea of blogging about what I do on a day to day basisit seems sycophantic and actually incredibly boring, however, having just returned home after a whirlwind of a weekend, I'm going to break my own rules because this one has been too good to keep to myself.

So Friday night was beyond quiet as my cold was in full swing at this point, the only thing worth mentioning was the fact that I watched a wonderful film currently on Netflix called What We Did On Our Holidays which is totally worth a watch.

Saturday morning was when the action started. One of my greatest friends is getting married in October (yay), and since I am lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids, we spent the morning on the hunt for THE dress. A dress which, when found, had most of us in tears.

I'd never understood the hype around 'the dress' and always thought it seemed to be a big old fuss over nothing. That was until Saturday lunchtime however, when I saw Anna in her dress (which totally found her by the way). She looked so completely and utterly happy in it that her joy was contagious; she filled up the room in the most magical way and I feel so incredibly blessed to have been there for this.

Thanks to this experience, for the first time in my life, I am ready to dispute anyone who fails to understand the hype surrounding 'just a dress', and have been doing this with my boyfriend since I returned from Windsor. 

Bring on October because the world is about to see it's most beautiful bride ever, mark my words.

Anyway, I couldn't hang around. I was straight in the car, racing home to meet the puppies that our Labrador gave birth to on Tuesday. Oh my god. They're amazing, currently resembling something between a mouse and a hippo which, at the risk of sounding super duper cheesy, has reminded me again what a truly incredible world we live in.

I also decided, having seen Echo (mum) lying there patiently whilst her nine offspring drained her of all of her resources, what an incredible gift motherhood is, and how breastfeeding is THE most natural thing in the world...something that we should definitely be encouraged to show off, rather than feel that we have to hide.

Fast forward 12 hours and it's 7AM Sunday morning. My alarm is beeping at me but I can't hear it through the cotton wool that my brain has turned into. What was meant to be a quiet night with a couple of friends, inevitably turned into a 'just one more bottle' scenario, despite the fact that we had a bootcamp starting at 9AM the following morning.

We were too frazzled to get much right, least of all our nutrition, so after a quick ciggie and a cup of coffee I was on the way to the four hour torture session that I had planned at my friend Calum's gym.

We ran, we cycled, we rowed, we boxed, we squatted and lunged. And then we did it all again... and then again... and then again. Despite the fact I spent most of the time feeling that a heart attack was imminent, that at one point Alex punched me in the face, and that when I stood up off the mat at the end, I had left an imprint of my body on it in sweat, we somehow got through it.

The depressing thing for me however, came afterwards. Because despite the fact I worked my ASS off, try my best in the gym the rest of the time and eat relatively well, when I got on the bastardy bollocky body-fat scales after the session, I discovered that I was teetering on 'overweight'.

That put a total cloud over my epic achievement this morning. I should really have allowed the endorphins to take over and got straight in the car, persuaded my legs to stop shaking for long enough to get me to McDonalds, and had four big macs.

Unfortunately, I was so put out by my discovery, that what I actually did was to get home and opt to cook the roast potatoes in coconut oil rather than goose fat, because it was better for me. Probably no bad thing, but considering I burnt 1800 calories this morning, that didn't seem very far.

However having had a think about it I have decided that really, all I saw this morning, was just a number, and not in any way, shape, or form, a reflection on me.

I have air in my lungs, my body proved today that it can do AMAZING things and the weekend I've had has reminded me how truly lucky I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

So, with you as my witness, I would quickly like to congratulate myself for an awesome achievement today, one that, if you can face it, I can totally recommend. There are bootcamps all over the place, and if you want to do it privately, you can talk to a trainer about getting some friends together and doing a few hours one weekend.

The only downside of this, is of course, the inevitable agony that comes with exercising for four hours straight. I found myself stranded on the loo this afternoon for about half an hour as I just couldn't find the strength to stand back up again and I think I might have to sleep on the sofa tonight because I've been looking at the stairs for a while now and I'm just not sure they're going to happen for me.

Either way, you could throw me onto the pavement tonight and I reckon I'd sleep well, my weekend has totally ruined me but it's been entirely worth it!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my loves! xxx