These images were published yesterday of Jorgie Porter on a beach in a white bikini looking, if we may say so, absolutely smoking hot. As I look at these pictures I've got my jean button undone and the memory of Christmas Day turkey still fresh in my mind. I don't think you could pay me enough to put a bikini on today and so I'm actually green with envy at how amazing Jorgie is looking.

Why the rest of the world cannot celebrate this I don't know because this girl looks to me to be, healthy and happy and drop dead bloody gorgeous.

But even though it's Christmas, and even though Christmas is a time for kindness, when we are suppossed to be with our families and being lovely, trust us in 2015 to be total wankers about any girl brave enough to wear a bikini.

I cannot possibly understand WHY and WHERE these horrendous people are coming from because these comments were just some that I found underneath the pictures published on the Daily Mail's website today. (We can only pity them for how terrible their lives must be that they have nothing better to do at this time of year than to bully others).

So I am sorry to depress y'all with this at such a happy time of year, but I just wanted to draw some attention to this so that we can hopefully start to end this horrible bullying. If you see comments like this, PLEASE call these low lives up on it, because this is simply NOT okay, particularly not at Christmas for Christ's Sake.

Let's face it, millions of women up and down the country would kill for a figure like Jorgie's, and actually, even if you've got one that you would deem 'better', like one lady says above, what on earth is going on that we think it's okay to comment on her like this?

It's not, it NEVER will be and this has to stop.

What is so hard to understand about the notion of being KIND? Whether it stems from insecurity, or jealously or just plain bitterness, these comments are sort of just 'accepted' now, despite the fact that they are nothing short of abuse. 

Please can we all just do our best to be better and to make 2016 the year when people finally learn to either say something nice, or to say nothing at all?

To all of those that have commented about her size, I hope Santa shat down your chimneys and that you undercooked your turkey, Happy Christmas to everyone else that hasn't been a total dick.