Gordon Ramsey's twins Jack and Holly turned 16 this week and to celebrate he shared a photo of his four children, the twins with sisters Megan, 17 and Matilda, 14 onto his Instagram and Facebook page.

Personally I think this is a lovely photo, I think the family all look great and it's nice to see siblings hanging out together, even nicer that Gordon had finished the post with #ProudDad which is actually pretty adorable.

But trust the terrible world in which we live to turn something completely lovely and innocent into something ugly and cruel. 

Gordon Ramsey is now being trolled on both channels by know-it-all followers who feel the need to stick their noses in and comment on everything from the length of his daughters' skirts to his parenting skills. 

And I will say it again and again and again: this is NOT okay.

It is Gordon's job, as a father, to protect his children. As a parent (I suspect) there is an overwhelming need to prevent your children from being hurt, in whatever way you can. And yes, those of you thinking now: 'well maybe he shouldn't have posted the photo', I sympathise, but actually that is so besides the point. The life that he chose to live and the career path that he is on means that, like it or not, his kids are going to be in the public eye and so comments like these will find their way in.

We're hearing all sorts about social media at the moment, the dangers of it and what not, but actually social media is the way that we communicate these days, it is the way that we live. Sharing photos of your kids on your Facebook is the norm and so just because Gordon is in the public eye, it really shouldn't mean that he is unable to partake in this trend.

He should, really be able to trust his followers, as he would his friends, to follow the one golden rule of social media: If you haven't got anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

But it's 2015, and we are horrible and so unfortunately that trust gets broken.

I can't imagine the pain that Gordon is feeling reading these comments but I really can relate to the way that his children will be feeling. They will be embarrassed, self conscious, angry and sad, just like I have been when this has been done to me.

Jack, as the only boy in the image has of course escaped any criticism on his outfit but typically, his three daughters are experiencing the inevitable wave of sexist abuse that comes with wearing a skirt. See for yourself what our Great Nation had to say about these CHILDREN:

And just who are making these comments? Yup. You guessed it, the cruelest of all the human race: women. 

Mothers are making these comments.

So you bullies, tell me this: would you say this to your children? How would you feel if some stranger said this to your daughter? What would you do if you saw your child being bullied for their outfits? How would you feel? I'll tell you... You'd feel like shit.

So WHAT do you think you are doing?

These are NOT your children. This is NOT your problem. And I desperately want to tell you that no one cares what you think, as people have so often said to me when I have been abused by people like you, but let me tell you something: These kids DO care what you think.

You shouldn't be allowed a computer, honestly I'm dubious as to whether or not you should be allowed children, but unfortunately the decision is way out of my hands so I can't even speculate. But think about it, what sort of example are you setting here?

You have GOT to stop being so unkind. 

These girls have names, Megan, Holly & Matilda, they have friends and worries and stresses and angst, they have got to deal with all the shit that comes along with being a teenager anyway, and then you decide to come in, on your iPhone and shatter every ounce of confidence that these girls have managed to string together.

Still feeling all rightous and bitchy?

No, I didn't think so.

For the love of God, please please please stop thinking your comments don't hurt, stop assuming that children of celebs are fair game and stop with this constant cruelty.

Oh and Ramsay Gals - you look crackalackin' xxxxx