So as I’m sure you’ll all have seen, there has recently been absolute outrage on Twitter and Online Media following Kylie Jenner’s very shocking, shameless and politically incorrect fashion shoot for “Interview Magazine”, captured by photographer Steven Klein.

I must start off by saying that I totally disagreed with the shoot and felt that it certainly did not give off the impression that they were trying to get across. A “Fashion Statement?” Pffffft… It was downright insensitive and way beyond the mark of controversial. I am a complete lover of fashion but I don’t like what comes with it most of the time, a powerful image is one thing, but I feel that to shoot this particular image and then to allow it to be published was just unacceptable.

I totally agree with the huge amount of people that have been offended by this and understand where they are coming from first hand as I have a friend who is, most of the time, a “wheelchair user” and I know children of friends who also use a wheelchair.

Twitter has gone crazy with some very upset people having their say on Kylie Jenner and this shoot, one tweeting: “@KylieJenner wow being in a wheelchair is so fun and fashionable! #Ableism is the ultimate fashion statement!”

This was one of the very many tweets that really did break my heart after reading on BBC News that the young girl, Ophelia, who wrote the tweet, is a wheelchair user and was so overwhelmed with annoyance and jealousy that Kylie could just get in and out of a wheelchair. This has genuinely hurt people’s feeling and I totally understand why it would, I stand by them 100%, it certainly was not a fashion fad and Kylie has definitely let herself down here. Fashion is such a racy industry to be in anyway and a lot of the time to be noticed or heard you have to be controversial and make a statement, but being offensive and insensitive whilst doing that is totally wrong!

Despite all of this and contradicting myself slightly, I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for Kylie. I’m not a follower of her, not for any reason other than that I generally don’t keep up with any celebrities. I am a lover of reading though so I accidently stumbled across what’s going on, as I do admit to being a magazine addict! I have come across some articles in the past about Kylie and from what I have read, my understanding is that she runs and supports an anti-bullying campaign: #IAmMoreThan, this was started after she was bullied herself whilst growing up, and as a result she comes across quite passionate. I can only imagine she has received some pretty harsh backlash for being in the public eye and no doubt it will have intensified after this! Undergoing many plastic surgery jobs to completely transform her appearance she certainly hasn’t been kept quiet, although I must say she was beautiful as she was!

My point is: Kylie is an 18 year old girl, who was born into the celebrity world, growing up around her beautiful sisters must have been a hard enough job to keep up with. She has openly admitted to being very conscious and fearful of bad press, which causes her anxiety, as it would any girl. I hope that Kylie can turn this around and show everyone that she stupidly made a mistake by agreeing to this horrendous shoot. We all have made mistakes growing up, but most of us aren’t in the limelight to have not been forgiven for it. I’m sure Kylie did not mean to directly offend by this as she has had first-hand of bullying herself, and it’s not a nice position to be in. This world can be a cruel place sometimes but if we show more sensitivity towards each other and forgive more easily we would live in a much more harmonise place.

Remember everyone is fighting their own personal battles.

Sending lots of love and positivity!

Would like to thank Ems #prettynormalme