Happy Christmas!!!! I hope that you all had such a wonderful day yesterday and were spoilt rotten, surrounded by those that love you most in the world.

Sorry that we've been a bit MIA as of late, (I at least hope that you notice that the blog was a little on the quiet side), but selfishly I totally took the run up to Christmas as my own and claimed a little bit of time off. However 2016 is fast approaching and this is my favourite time of the year and I can’t let it pass me by!

January 1st, despite the hangover, is one of my favourite days of the year - an opportunity for fresh starts and it brings with it an air of new beginnings, but it's often something that we find ourselves freaking the fuck out about. Generally by 3pm on Christmas Day, as we struggle to even do the zip up on our stretchiest jeans for all the turkey that we’ve managed, we start fretting about the diet that we SIMPLY MUST do. We find ourselves on the rampage: "THAT’S IT, CHRISTMAS IS OVER I MUST GET BACK IN THE GYM! I NEED TO SWEAT. ONLY LETTUCE FOR ME. NO CARBS. EVER. MUST RUN. EVERYWHERE. WHY DID I GO BACK FOR THIRDS OF THE TURKEY?" Bloody guilt.

But I just wanted to remind you, before this panic sets in, if it hasn’t already, that this year is not over yet. The Christmas period is often such a blur that we forget about the sneaky 5 days tucked conveniently in-between Christmas and New Years Day. As our heads touch the pillow on December 25th we find ourselves racked with guilt about the copious amounts of everything that we digested and we end up making all sorts of promises. Please, if you’re doing this today, STOP IT.

Yesterday, I had chocolate for breakfast, then I had a real breakfast, then I ate sausages, and drank champagne, and then I had more sausages, and then I had more champagne and then I had turkey, stuffing, bread sauce, sprouts, carrots, potatoes and gravy...three times. I then ate more chocolate. And drank wine and I woke up this morning hungry again and THAT is half of what Christmas is about: excess. No shame here, I LOVE IT.

We have been given a special gift with these five days, in that, I believe, they don’t really count as REAL. 2015 is all but over, all the work, the drama, the presents, it’s done, but the panic-y excitement surrounding January 1st is not yet upon us, and we must use them wisely.

We must eat what we can, drink whenever possible and laugh relentlessly. We often take Boxing Day for granted, or at least the 27th-30th because they’re sort of seen as ‘meh’ days, nothing’s really open as normal yet and everyone seems to have an air of the Christmas blue’s about them. But this should not be the case, we have been gifted five whole days that we’re always taking for granted! We have been especially lucky this year in that Christmas Day fell on a Friday, allowing us the rest of the weekend to be with our families, at home, doing really whatever the hell we want to, and giving us a chance to put these meh days to good use, even if all they're useful for is finishing the enormous turkey and cake.

Please don’t take that for granted.

I’m all for starting a fresh, I LOVE the New Year, the excitement of starting something new genuinely gets my heart beating faster but don’t wish the year away just yet. Christmas may be over, but what it’s all about isn’t! The problem with January is that it brings with it disappointment. We don’t stick to our promises and really we punish ourselves before we’ve even really been allowed to try making a difference.

Of course, if you want to get back in the gym today, or go for a long walk, go for it, but don't you dare start punishing yourself for the most wonderful time of the year. Be grateful for your body, be grateful for your friends and family and enjoy yourself.

What I’m basically saying here is, put the breaks on the panic and the punishment and use these next few days wisely, have fun, be comfortable and fill your boots, it is your RESPONSIBILITY to finish 2015 in style. Don’t let us down!