So in a recent survey taken of more than 2000 British Women, it was found that almost 3/4s of us have chosen not to attend a social gathering that we had previously agreed to go to. The most common reason for cancelling last minute was because we were having a 'fat day' and that's something that I'm not loving.

Hardly surprisingly, 64% of those asked, had more events in the calendar over the Christmas period (because... any excuse for a piss up right?!) and 29% of those feel that this gets them into the party spirit. However 28% feel that it just puts too much pressure on December.

So, 73% of us have cancelled plans, 51% of them saying that they were having a fat day, 49% saying that they couldn't find an outfit to wear, 35% saying that they didn't have enough time to get ready, 29% saying they wanted to stay home and watch TV and 12% saying that they were having trouble with their relationship.

Now I have to say that I very much fall into the 29% here, most December nights I am desperately excited by the notion of sitting watching Elf in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and the smell of Christmas Tree in the air but I am usually forced to drag my sorry ass to a party because the only thing I love more than TV is a party.

What I don't understand however is people who feel like they way that they look is SO bad that they cannot face going out, in fact, that makes me incredibly sad, after allwhat is Christmas for if not one too many glasses of wine and a big snuggly jumper?

Speaking to Huffington Post UK Leyah Shanks, founder of Body Confidence Revolution quite rightly said:

"This is my favourite time of the year personally but I hate how contradictory the marketing messaging is. On one had we're told that we need to be able to fit into our party dresses and on the other hand we're practically being force fed all kinds of treats.

From the outside it appears to be an interpersonal vicious cycle but it's actually a very clever/evil/sadistic ploy by many big companies who like to profit from insecurity. 

For me, that's the worst thing about the festive period. No one should be tricked into hating their body. It's beautiful exactly as it is, right now, at whatever stage you are at in your life. It's time we remember and adhered to the true meaning of Christmas"

To which we say preeeeeach it!

Leyah is SO right, Christmas is horrendously confusing because, for me at least I'm like YES IT'S TURKEY SEASON IMMA GET SO FAT and on the other hand (basically when I haven't got a glass of Mulled Wine in my hand) I'm like OH MY GOD HOW DID I LET MY BODY GET LIKE THIS I'M A MONSTER.

But it's actually an incredibly hard time of year to DO anything about it, you have to get on board with the festivities, the booze, the food, the nights by the fire, that's what it's all about and even if you are looking for balance it is so incredibly difficult to drag your sorry ass round a park or to the gym when it's pitch black and freezing.

It is SUPPOSED to be the most wonderful time of the year, and in so many ways, it is! Everyone loves Christmas, it's the time to go mad! Oh and why do you think the time for fresh starts is a mere week after the big day? (I know this isn't the actual reason but it is a nice way of thinking about it!). 

You have got the rest of your life to lose the weight that you put on this month, and you have all of January to freak the fuck out about your fitness, because let's face it, regardless of how much exercise you do over the next three weeks, you'll be freaking out about SOMETHING in January anyway, it might as well be that.

PLEASE don't let a 'fat day' ruin what is such a great time, people are happy at Christmas and parties are fun and behaviour that is totally frowned upon all year round suddenly becomes okay, I mean hello, mistletoe! Don't let all this fun pass you by because you can't find anything to wear.

If in doubt, chuck a jumper on, it's Christmas and no one cares.

Go forth and party hard ladies, rock your bodies and don't forget to keep smiling, that's what Christmas is all about! xxx