So, January is almost over and what have I learnt? 

Well - the biggest lesson that I've learnt for next year is not to make too many promises when it comes to New Year's Resolutions because I end up just drowning in the pressure and being WAY too hard on myself.

Those of you who watched my Vlog last week, will already know that I was throwing in the towel on my resolutions and was going to be less harsh on myself. But even though I had made that totally public declaration, there was still an element of guilt kicking around in the back of my mind.

Take last night for example; I was sitting watching the television when my boyfriend walked out of the kitchen. I had been complaining ALL WEEK about the weight that I had put on and how miserable I was and how hard I was going to work to lose it again, yet for some reason I asked him to go into the cupboard and get my chocolate out for me, not thinking anything of it.

It was only as I got half way into the share bar and when Alex came back into the room that I looked down at myself in disgust.

This was NOT the way to lose weight. 

I immediately thrust the chocolate back into Alex's hands and begged him to hide it from me, which bless him he did and we spoke no more about it.

And then this morning, I went to the gym - half way through my workout I started to feel a bit weak and sicky - probably because I hadn't eaten any breakfast - and even though I hadn't yet finished my routine, I put away the mat and ball and set off home.

When I got back and the nasuea passed I started to feel like a proper failure, between the chocolate and the gym, my promises to myself were not going well, UNTIL I realised that I needed to stop being so mean to myself and change the way I was looking at everything.

Once I did, everything became MUCH nicer. This is how I've started thinking:

Last night I ate half a bar of chocolate.


Last night, I ONLY ate half a bar of chocolate, I put the other half into the cupboard for another time because I have the self control of a ninja.


I left the gym this morning after only half an hour.


Oh my god I went to the gym for half an hour this morning, that's exactly half an hour more than I did every day last week!!

And this doesn't just apply to me - you can make it work with anything and before you know it, the positivity will be pouring out of you.

I can't believe I drank half a bottle of wine last night.


How good am I for calling it a night and putting the rest of that bottle in the fridge?

I'm so bad I was half an hour late to that party


At least I was only half an hour late, I'm so tired I'd rather have stayed at home so go me for even showing up!

You get the jist. The point is, trying is better than not trying and beating yourself up over something isn't going to get you anywhere. 

Yes I only went to the gym for half an hour this morning and I didn't work as hard as I would have liked, but at least I went! When I woke up this morning I so wanted to stay in bed and not go - but I did it.

Half an hour is better than nothing eh?!

So next time you're feeling neggy about something and you find yourself on a downer, try and praise yourself rather than punish. After all, we'd all prefer a carrot to a stick, and most of us would prefer a chocolate bar to a carrot, so no hard feelings there.

No matter how you've got on this January, please be kind to yourself, there is always time to right a wrong and there will always be another chance to try again!