A couple of days ago I asked y'all on Twitter if you would be happy to do an entire day with no makeup on and the results not only surprised me but pleased me too.

Of the 64 people who voted, 89% said they could easily do it, with only 11% people saying that they wouldn't. I have to say, I thought the results would be totally different which I suppose is testimony to the amazing confidence that all of the Pretty Normal Me readers have!

But thinking about it, most the time I think I would fall into the 11%.

Most of the time, my skin is really good - I'm so lucky that for 21 days of the month I am relatively spot free, but as I write this - we're about three days into the rest of the month - the spotty ones. So I think my answer would depend on when you asked me.

Today, I WOULD go out without makeup on, but I wouldn't want to. I've always said that I wear makeup to the gym most of the time, not because I am really obsessed with myself or anything cliched like that, but because it makes me feel better. When I have makeup on, I feel more confident, end of.

I think it is totally a matter of personal choice and it shouldn't really be an issue at all, but I suppose because of the culture we live in - it's SUCH a huge deal. 

There has been a bit of a backlash today about the fact that Barbie have released new 'curvy' dolls - with people saying that children are too young to care and we shouldn't inflict adult insecurities on them, which is something that I wholeheartedly disagree with.

Whether we mean to or not, our insecurities are going to impact them somehow, even if it's just when they grow up.

Apart from being so skinny, original Barbie has always had makeup on, so have most of our mums and even teachers, every single role model that we have growing up has always had a bit of slap on.

Which means, that by the time girls get old enough, they too want to wear makeup, why wouldn't they? But is that such a bad thing? Is accepting that a young girl doesn't know any different and therefore giving her the chance to express herself the end of the world? No.

Obviously I don't think we should be painting them up too early, and I don't really love seeing really young girls in makeup, but when they go to big school and their friends are all doing it, encouraging them to do it and teaching them how to wear it well is a-okay by me.

I don't love that we feel the need to wear it and if I could change that I would, but at the moment I just feel so much more comfortable when I wear it, which I suppose is the case for so many others. When I'm not worrying that people are staring at my spots, I am able to be a much more confident person.

I know we're all prone to a tut here and there about the obsession that we have with makeup, but I think rather than feeling guilty for feeling the need to wear it, or ashamed that you lack the confidence to go outside without it, you can just accept it as an amazing opportunity and be grateful.

I hope that you, like me, are able to veg out for the entire weekend without so much as looking in a mirror, and be happy with that, but if you, like me, feel the need to do a crafty layer of foundation before meeting everyone down the pub don't beat yourself up.

It's a super duper thing - one that we're so lucky to have. Yes, if it had never been invented we may well all be much more confident beings, but it has, and we're not, so let's utilise it and have some fun!