So Katie Hopkins has been everywhere over the last couple of weeks on her hate-mission against the ‘Fat Britain’ – She put on 3 stone just to then lose it again to prove how ‘easy’ it is to lose weight. She declared that the super-skinny mannequins in Topshop are ‘alright’ and in response to Mango starting their plus-size collection at a Size 12 she says ‘a Size 12 is a Size Called Fat’.

Has she made you angry yet? Yes? Me too. I am SEETHING. She has made headlines this morning for saying that ‘fat people’ should have to pay for their own Health Care as they are costing the taxpayer too much money. So initially I thought, right then Katie, bugger off to America, pay your own healthcare, rid yourself of responsibility to your fellow citizens and be quiet. But then I thought about it again and got really angry because actually I don’t think she’s thought this through at all.

Obesity is an eating disorder. And an eating disorder is a very real problem, no matter what shape or form it comes in. An unhealthy and destructive relationship with food often stems from a lack of control in other areas of your life, and so the easiest thing to control is what you put into your body. Whether you starve, binge or comfort eat these are very real problems, all falling under the same umbrella.

So Katie, think again, should obese people really have to pay more?

Let’s pretend for a minute that Katie Hopkins was the Chief Medical Officer for England and she decided who would have to pay what for their treatment. What would she say if I’d come in with a broken arm, because I’d been ice-skating and I’d fallen? Would I pay because I knew that I wasn’t very good at ice-skating before I put the skates on and my lack of balance made it extremely likely that I would in fact fall? If I came into A&E after a car accident that had been my fault and wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been drunk, would I pay for that? Or if I had hurt myself and had to be admitted as a result of depression? Of course she wouldn’t because (hopefully) she’s human.

Yes in theory we are at the driving seats of our own lives, we choose whether to put those skates on, or to get in that car but we didn’t choose depression and that is something that, try as we might, we can’t control. We haven’t chosen unhappiness, misery or eating-disorders. I don’t know why these things do come to certain people, and man I wish I did - believe me I’d be round everyone’s house sharing my wisdom with the world trying to prevent these horrible things happening! But I can’t, so why can’t we just try to help each other get better? Even to prevent it?

Katie, obesity is a very real problem, but not in the way you are harping on about. What do you think sends people to this state? Are they being driven by the same horrible things that cause anorexia? (That might actually have something to do with the super-skinny mannequins that you think are ‘alright’ – but that’s a fight for another day).  

So you put on 3 stone in a bid to show people how easy it would be to lose it again. And this is something that I have a real problem with. Yes, theoretically losing weight is easy. Theoretically all you need to do is eat less, cut out sugar and get running. But in reality it’s the hardest thing in the world. And if it was that easy all people suffering insecurities and unhappiness resulting in being overweight would just do it right? But they can’t, it’s hard. And just because you can do it, doesn’t mean that everyone can. I exercise ALL the time, I eat relatively well but weight doesn’t fall off me. And if I wanted to get down to 9 stone I’d be putting my body through something that nature did not intend.

Now I’m not sure that there is an overwhelming amount of humanity in you, but if you see this, please, pleeease open your heart to the fact that while you might not like ‘looking’ at it, nor do the people suffering with it. And we are not going to get anywhere if all you’re going to do is criticize, bully and shame people. Try and have some compassion.

And for the love of god, wash your mouth out saying that Size 12 is ‘a size called fat’ – how dare you? I’m a Size 12 and I’m a size called FABULOUS. I’m healthy and I’m happy. With eating disorders and depression at an all time high in young girls what do you think you’re doing? You’re a mother! Does it not terrify you the pressure that girls are under? The pressure that you’re putting them under?

I saw it reported this morning that you don’t like to ‘touch anyone carrying a little extra fat’ and that can’t be right. I’ve got these wobbly bits above my jeans, does that mean you wouldn’t touch me if we met? Would you have an anti-bacterial wipe to hand if you were to brush my cellulite? Sod it, I’m going to get a chocolate bar out right now if it means that keeping at a Size 12 will keep your judgy hands off me.

I’m not entirely sure if you really do believe these horrible things that you preach, I’m praying that you don’t practice them but even if you are just stirring for a reaction, you really are playing with fire. Women should embrace who they are and be proud of themselves; we are supposed to be supporting one another. You say that ‘fat’ people are now crossing the street to avoid you? Do you like living like this? Do you like being hated, causing misery? I’m a Size 12 and I would turn and run from you. Not least of all because I’m not sure I’d squeeze past your ego on the pavement…