Three weeks ago Josh and I went out to Paris to watch the final stage of the Tour De France, well that’s what I thought anyway.

On the Saturday we were mooching around, doing, as Josh calls it the ‘Tourist Wanker Stuff.’

We started off the day with Breakfast on the Champs-Élysées and then set off to tour the City of Love!

We came towards the ‘Love Lock Bridge’ around lunchtime, we had watched a Mickey Flannigan DVD a few weeks prior and he had been there to see where so many loved up couples would put a padlock with their name onto the railings of the bridge. They have had to take the ones off the main walkway as the weight was breaking the bridge. I was joking around saying ‘do you think when couples split or get divorced they come and cut off their padlock?’ Josh just replied with ‘we would never need to do that’ which I thought was sweet.

We walked a bit further down the Bridge and Josh tripped over, I just assumed it was the uneven wood on the foot of the bridge. When he pulled his left leg through and didn’t move I froze to the spot and my heart had stopped! I had always imagined Josh proposing in the weirdest place, waking up in the morning, hiding it in my cereal, somewhere private where no one would see him trying to get onto one knee, which in prosthetics cannot be easy to do, not on a Bridge in Paris where the whole world could see what he was doing! The next part was a bit of a blur of laughing, crying smiling uncontrollably and just saying yes, yes, yes, yes to the Man I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I was well and truly on cloud 9!

An American tourist clocked what was happening, way before me infact, and caught a picture on a camera phone; this picture just gives me Goosebumps every time I look at it.

Once it had sunk in and I had the most gorgeous ring on my finger the excitement started, I am engaged, engaged to marry Josh, to marry the man who means everything to me, that I had always dreamt of walking down the isle to and now I am actually going to be doing it!

Once that had sunk in the panic then set in, everyone will see me, in a white dress, I will be the center of attention, everyone will in their head whether they admit it or not, will judge what I wear, how I wear it, my size, my hair, my makeup, everything!

We went for dinner that evening to celebrate, we had champagne which neither of us are massive fans of but we thought that now was a time we needed bubbles in our lives! I think Josh subconsciously knew what I was thinking as before we had even ordered he said to me, promise me you won't change, I replied that I would never change, this is me and this is what you get. He came back, and something that will stick in my head and that I want to tell my bridesmaids to remind me over and over again when I am flapping: 'I am marrying you Anna, the way you look, your size, your hair everything about you is what I want in my wife, promise me you won't change'.

We have set to wed next October so we have loads of time to do all the planning and organise it and to also enjoy our engagement. I know that by marrying the Boy nothing will change, we will still be the same as we are today, in love; I will just have to deal with the new surname!

So I have vowed to myself this: this is our Wedding, the day we get to cement our love for each other and to have a party to celebrate this. I will not let my head get as big as a wedding!

Josh loves me the way I am, so I will get all those worrying flies out of my head and love myself.

Anna x