You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how I had discovered the benefits of swapping foundation for moisturiser. I'm guilty as sin when it comes to skincare, I'm rubbish and never really know what to do, but after making this tiny change I noticed a massive change in the condition of my skin.

But there was of course a flaw to my plan: I'm a normal woman and at certain times of the months I am prone to a spotty chin and the lack of coverage coming from my moisturiser was becoming a problem.

However, drum roll please...  I have just been introduced to a game changing product by Lush. 

Dark Yellow Colour Supplement £9.95.

So basically it's a mineral-free base (no I don't really know what that is either) product that you can mix in with your moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser type thing, without filling your pores with the shit that you end up doing with foundation. YAY.

Which I then mixed with ma brand new Lush moisturiser: Skin's Shangri La £29.50.

Which I mixed together

Before putting it on my makeup free and slightly pale and spotty skin:


So basically my skin feels silky smooth, I don't look that pale and the coverage is actually pretty good. I'm not going to rule out a bit of concealer here and there but in terms of actual face painting I'm made up.

And the other thing is, you can mix this stuff into suncream so next week when I head off on holiday, I don't need to worry about my spots or my makeup. YAY.