It happened! Christmas is over for another year (sorry to those of you Christmas obsessors for which this is the WORST NEWS EVER) and we now find ourselves in the annual no-man's land of days that fall between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. For lots of us it means five days of kicking our heels at home and for those of us who are less fortunate it means a few days of sitting in an office, basically doing nothing of great importance, or so I'd hope.

Although I absolutely LOVE these days, I am seriously looking forward to New Year's Day. It's something that I find myself looking forward to every year, I LOVE the fresh start and the excitement of it all, but this year particularly, I don't suppose I am alone in my desperation for this year to end. 2016 has been utterly shit for so many reasons, not necessarily personally but between the Brexit-Trump-AlanRickman-AAGill-DavidBowie-TerryWogan and most recently George Michael heartbreak, I am chewing at the bit to bring in the New Year.

Having said that though, I am a firm believer that you shouldn't wish your life away, especially when the days of life that you are desperate to be over, are some of the most fun and laziest that you'll ever have. Yes, it may have been a terrible year, but at what other point do we have an endless supply of turkey in the fridge, new and exciting spoils to play with an the opportunity to drink more/sleep more (depending on personal preference) than we do at any other time? Exactly.

For the first time in a long time, I am going to be away for New Year's Eve, on the Isle of Man and I have a very big deadline for my book looming so this period will be quite unlike those of the past. Sadly it will be filled with a bit of travel and a lot of work but I won't be deterred. I am determined to use these 5 days in the most productive and bestest way possible.

And by productive and bestest, I mean basically doing as little as I can get away with.

Come January 1st, although I am bizarrely excited for it, I will, like a lot of others, be vowing to spend a lot of time in lycra, pledge to go at my work with a new vigour and basically vow to make better decisions, be more productive and probably an all round better person. The anticipation is overwhelming. I'm EXCITED to make my muscles hurt and I can't WAIT for the late nights and achey brain, it's weird, but that's where I am at. But I'm not doing this yet.

No no, for the next few days, pre-upgrade Em is going strong. As excited as I am to hit the gym (trust me that's weirder for me to write than it is for you to hear), I am making myself wait and although I have lots of plans for lots of work I am trying to put as few of them into action as I possibly can, on principle. Because these days are the ultimate cheat days and I'll be damned if I'm not going to make the most of them.

I will eat as much as I feasibly can (after we take into consideration QUITE how limited my diet is and the fact that I have had to do all of Christmas booze free!), I will veg like a true slob and will make as many selfish decisions as I can, (and by that I mean choosing the sofa over my friends, not selling all of my Christmas presents because I want the cold hard cash of course.)

And I would implore you to do the same. I know that for a lot of people boxing day and the days that follow become a stress. We're desperately aware of the fact that our waistbands are a lot too tight and that the house is messy. We know that we've not been out the house enough and that the washing machine could have been stolen and you wouldn't know, since it has been so long since you've seen it. But guys... so what?!

We don't really take into consideration that a year is a really long time and that by the end of it, we're bound to be tired. The three days off that we took in September seem like a distant memory and although we haven't been at work for four days the madness that is the Christmas build up deprived us of the sleep that our bodies are so desperately craving.

Of course we're excited to go into January all guns blazing but how the flipping heck are we going to make it through the first week if we go into it just as tired as we were when we bid farewell to our offices on December 22nd? Impossible guys, it just is.

So be sure to take this time for you, even if you're at work. Chances are nothing that incredibly pressing will land on your lap between now and NYE and even if it does, I promise not to tell if that email was somehow overlooked until January 2nd. Chill, breathe easy, relax. Appreciate your family and your friends and listen to your body. That's important. Really listen to it. 

By all means make your plans for the New Year, but don't act on them, not yet. This time is too precious and really, if you're anything like me, trying to make anything out of the shit stain that was 2016 is the very definition of flogging a dead horse. Leave the horse be.

I hope you all had a VERY relaxing and dreamy Christmas and I'm very excited to talk trainers, smoothies and resolutions with you in a few days but right now, if it doesn't start and end with BOXSET then something's gone wrong and I don't want to hear it!