Happy December 1st! YEOW! I'm so excited. Every year, December is my favourite month and not just down to the Christmas countdown. I love the month as a whole; I love seeing streets looking crowded with people with bags of presents, great food everywhere, Christmas music, parties, outfits. I love buying people things that I know that they will love and I love Christmas morning when I can see them open them.

But I do understand that not everyone shares my love of Christmas shopping and that many a person woke up this morning, scratching their heads, wondering what they bloody hell they should be buying their loved ones for Christmas.

So, I thought I'd help. (Mostly because I took it much too literally when my mate Ross said I should be a personal shopper after I helped him find his girlfriend something). Whether you're looking for your mother, sister, friend or even dad, I want to help. Listed below are some ideas for you, whether you're struggling with the last few items for a stocking or are drawing blanks on the big stuff too! I hope you can find some inspiration....

Personalised Chocolate

Last year it was personalised Marmite, this year Green & Black's are on the case. Everyone loves chocolate, everyone loves their name on shit, this is the PERFECT stocking filler. £5 + Postage. 

Face Masks

If you know someone who can't live without face masks, (let's face it, we ALL know someone who can't live without face masks), then this is a no-brainer. AA Skincare do this set of three which I've been using recently and I gotta say, it's perfect for anyone that loves skincare and relaxation. £23.50 for the whole set.

A Pen

I never understood this one. People always suggested I bought one for Alex and I used to think URGH, boring. UNTIL I realised that these are actually mage presents and that I'd actually be so excited if I got one. (Stationary whore that I am!). This one is from Parker and is a dream, it comes in lots of different colours and will literally make the perfect present for your note-taking friends! £14.

Wall Art

There is nothing in this land that I love more than prints (apart from maybe candles) and I think that they make GREAT Christmas presents. I recently got these from the Etsy shop: Dork Face and I love them. They're SO reasonably priced (I got these all from £18) and they make perfect little gifts! 


A TOTALLY underrated Christmas present. The perfect present. I bloody love tea and chai is my all time fave winter one so a vert recommended stocking filler for a loved one. 

Something to drink the tea from

Also ideal for a tea or coffee lover. These cups are actually adorable and are made from TOTALLY recycled goods, which means at the end of their lives (years!) you can put them in the compost rather than the bin. This is unusual and quirky and basically a great stocking present. £11.95.

A Dressing Gown

OK. I'm pretty sure dressing gowns are the Christmas presents of the future.  Why don't I own one and why don't I buy them for everyone? This one is from Tielle and it feels like something you'd be using at a 5* spa hotel somewhere. If you know someone who loves luxury AND relaxing (heaven on earth) then this is 100% the present for them. £60.

Lip Balm

THE BEST STOCKING FILLER. My lips always feel like they are about to fall off in the winter, yet it's something that I never really buy for myself. Only £3.50 individually and lots of sets available these are highly recommended! 

A Diffuser

This diffuser gives me life. ALL my friends have the same one and it makes my room smell like heaven. For someone who lives for smellies, this is the answer. £35 for this but it seriously is worth every single penny.

Bathy Bits

Here I have the body butter and shower gel, but the whole range is SO beautiful and is incredibly reasonably priced. There are of course lots available in the world but these are £6 each and come as beautiful gift sets. Don't worry, it's not a hint - people love bathy bits!


A fail safe. This bottle here is PERFECT for car-mad dads/uncles/brothers. It's been designed by Porche and is currently on offer in Waitrose for £23. Had to throw it in as I know how hard boys can be to buy for!