A piece by one of these 'all-in-one shampoo/body wash using' types. Alex Andrew, AKA, my better half, writes about the cosmetic industry for men and the product that finally saw him take an interest in his own skin...

We live in a world where the scruffy, “honey I’m home”, all-in-one shampoo/body wash using, cuticle-questioning gents are a dying breed. We may still be adding to the dictionary of “mansplaining”, but us men, we’re evolving and it’s for the better.

Growing up I knew many guys with acne, and not just the occasional spot, the kind of acne poppadoms and omelettes could compete with. Of course they were bullied, but what else, apart from praying to the Clearsil God’s, could they do but take it? I assumed this was the life that they were destined for, at least until they left school and the cruel taunts of teenagers were nothing but a distant memory. Until I found out, their secret vice: concealer, the almighty taboo of a 16-year-old boy. It was common for a few of them but unspoken – this was the start.

Come forward 10 years, the millennial gent is on the working ladder, in a sphere of GymBox classes and Geordie Shore inspiration. The taboo has officially been lifted, I’m not sure when this ribbon cutting event took place but it’s here, and here to stay. Men are taking care of themselves, and it really is for the better.

The cosmetics industry’s response was as one would expect, open armed and ready. Beard oil, night cream, day cream, hair cream, hair serum, empowering shampoo, sex-god conditioner, look-like-Beckham moisturiser, electrifying-energising-revitalising-green tea infused eye roll, the list is endless. I’m personally not a fan of having many cosmetics, particularly when the paragraphs of marketing jargon exceed the length of the text I get from my mum when she can’t find her Facebook page. But it made me realise, with so many different options I’m still a stereotypical man when it comes to decisions. Give me something that does what it says on the tin, unless what it says on the tin is a load of shit of course.

I recently started using Bulldog. A brand which has adapted to the new man but kept it manly, I mean they called it Bulldog. Their branding is clear with little jargon. Launched in 2005, founder Simon Duffy saw the opportunity to create a business for men who wanted skin care with natural ingredients, something the ‘new’ man is all about. Something the ‘new’ man is using to insure a future of youth – you’re only young once, unless you look after your skin..

So here’s to the new age of gents, the all night partying millennials, keeping up with the Kardashians and our appearances. I seem to be sliding effortlessly between work and hangover at the moment, barely stopping for breakfast and it was taking it's toll, even I have to admit now that it's nice not to look like I haven't slept for a week all of the time. It's working for me, why not try Bulldog’s Original Face Wash, a slap of Moisturiser, followed by a quickie with the Original Eye Roll-on?