Apologies for the silent treatment, I've been busy trying not to lose my shit. Since Jens started nursery we have been hit with two sickness bugs in as many weeks! Literally SO much vom, from one small human, it was fucking ridiculous! But maybe marginally better dealing with the regurgitated fishfingers (toddlers food of choice!) than the shit explosion (LITERAL explosion!) that he kindly subjected us to! 3 duvets ruined, one mattress, a lot of changing of pyjamas (Jens & me!) and a fuck load of washing!

£200 later, we have replacement bedding and I have a lush AF 13.5 tog, teddy soft, Fleece duvet that I am slightly obsessed with and I'm praying daily to the god of puke that he keeps it safe from my little germ infested person and his projectile vomiting habits! 

Obviously due to his new found love for chundering, he hasn't been able to attend nursery. Meaning that I miss college. Meaning that not only have I been trying to wash 27 loads of shit stained sheets, and trying to teach the poorly poppet how to aim into the general direction of the bucket when he starts heaving, and trying to catch up on the sleep that has been missed because we've had to get up at 3am to have a bath and scrub the mattress, I've also been cramming like an absolute crazy lady trying to keep up with the work that I am missing. I had a science assignment due on a deadline and I have been missing classes more than Adele misses her ex! So yeah, living the fucking dream right now people! 

You see, the issue lies with being a military wife, which, whilst I would say is a privilege, it's also a fucking HUGE inconvenience! My family and friends are a 3 and a half hour drive away so it's not like they can just pop over to help us out. I have no childcare on tap, I can't take a bag full of washing to my mums, I miss my Sunday lunches and it's generally a little bit shitty. But in times of need, it's very shitty. 

My military sisters are all scattered across the country, across Europe, and although we speak every day via a questionable group WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it's just not the same as being able to nip round for a glass of wine and a pep talk when you're down in the dumps! They live in my phone, they're always there. I see the judgemental looks from people because I'm ALWAYS with phone in hand, but that's my sanity, my fucking tribe! The one constant in my, ever-chuffing-changing, life. 

I guess my point is, whether they be near or far, don't take your support network for granted. Use them, love them, TELL them you love them. And if you can make life a little bit easier for someone, just do it. Make them a cup of tea, send them a text to remind them they're fucking fabulous, offer to babysit, whatever it is, just do it!

One thing's for sure, I don't know where the frig I'd be in this life without my soul sisters! Not sane, that's for sure! Because, we just need our people! But the thing is, YOU are someone's 'people' too! So don't forget to share the love, because they just might need it! 

Shout out to my tribe! 

theswearymama xx

Edit: By highlighting the importance of sisterhood, I don't want to take away from my husband the role that he plays either. I'm very lucky that I have a good friend in my husband, he is an amazing Father, he is supportive, he's rather handsome... and he brings me wine too! Ha!