For weeks the papers have been filled with nothing but rumours of Cheryl Cole's pregnancy. The poor woman can't so much as walk past a pharmacy or think of wearing a floaty top without a million photographers snapping at her whilst asking her if she has anything to hide. Photos emerged of her at an event last week in which, granted, she does look a bit pregnant, but there is still no word from her or her PR team on the matter. Which says to me, that she doesn't want to talk about it. But can we leave her alone? No. No we can't.

In amongst the pregnancy rumours though have also been stories about her divorce and as of today we all know why the marriage ended. The divorce was apparently as a result of 'unreasonable behaviour' from her now ex-husband Jean-Barnard Fernandez Versini which lead to her stress and weight-loss last year. The weight-loss that the media didn't shut up about, she was quite clearly going through something and perhaps it would have been kinder for us to just back off.

But we didn't, because we don't, and left the poor woman dealing not only with the stress of a marriage to a man who she was clearly struggling with, but then the constant battering from the world about how she got 'too thin'. I pointed it out last year, but looking at Cheryl's history it is clear to see that when she is under stress, whether that be through divorce, work or grievance, she loses weight and you'd think by now that we might have left well enough alone. 

As far as the pregnancy rumours are concerned though, I truly cannot believe that she is being pushed this hard to confirm or deny them. There are SO many reasons why women don't announce their pregnancies until the first trimester at least is complete; we have no idea what she is going through, if she and the baby are both healthy, and yet, here we are, nagging away at this woman to give us an answer either way. And that's before we've considered the fact that she might not be pregnant. She might just be, GOD FORBID, putting on weight!! (If you ask me it's no bloody wonder the poor woman got so thin last year if this is what happens if she were to give in and go to Nando's).

Question: why is that we never congratulate a woman on being pregnant until we are ABSOLUTELY SURE that she is? 
Answer: Because if she's not you've basically just been bloody rude. 

So why are famous women the exception?

There is a lot of pressure on women, as we well know, to do the right thing. Whether that be being a size 8, getting married, having a baby, cutting our hair when we get to a certain age or dressing appropriately for our figure, and that is one hundred times worse for women in the public eye. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. 

Either way, this is a time that Cheryl could probably do without having the world sticking their beaks in. She is definitely going through a divorce and may or may not be expecting a baby. Imagine if it were your life, how would you fancy handling all of that with a million and one people asking you a million and one questions a million and one times a day. Yes, she chose to be in the public eye all those years ago when she was first starting up with Girls Aloud, yes she has continued to be well known since they broke up as a result of her career choices, but don't for a minute presume that because she is on t'telly that her business is instantaneously our business, because it isn't.

I don't know when or even if I will ever get pregnant, but I know for a fact that should that magical day ever happen, I would want to handle it in my own way. I would share the news when I saw fit, when I knew that my baby was going to be okay, and that I was healthy, as I imagine, most of you would too. So, might I ask that we might please extend the same courtesy to Ms. Cole?