Blogger: OMG you guys so many of you have been asking me about my skincare recently so I thought I’d just list off all go my favourites from when I was an infant to now.

Hahaha. I KNOW I KNOW. I’m a clich√©.

But also, believe it or not, I have actually had some questions on my Instagram recently, mostly about my new foundation (the IT Cosmetics CC cream, I’ll talk about it in a min) so yeh, I just thought I’d make a quick roundup blog post of all my favourites right now.

Books/snacks/makeup/clothes/the Aldi candles that I can’t stop banging on about, it’s all linked and explained down below.

Depending on the number of tumbleweeds that cascade through the internet after this post goes up I might make these a regular thing, for now though, here’s some of my absolute favourites that I’ve been obsessing over this year.

If, after the link, you see a *, that means it is an affiliate link, basically I make a small percentage on anything you buy through my link, it doesn’t cost you any more or affect you in any way at all but if you’d rather use a different link, go for it!

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF50+*

I’ve always been a foundation gal needing (wanting at least) as much coverage as I could get, this CC cream has changed my life though and I am NEVER going back. It’s buildable as hell so v easy to cover what you don’t want seeing but it’s lightweight and gorgeous and glow. I have it in shade fair and have NEVER had so many compliments about my skin.

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Rock and Rose Heart Chocker

Pictured above, another belter I love it so much – got it about a month ago and only took it off for the 5 hours it took me to run the marathon, otherwise it’s become a permeant fixture!

Nude by Nature — Lipstick*

Also pictured above haha I got a lot into that one. It’s one of my all time favourites, not just because it’s a lovely colour but because it just wears so damn well. It comes off naturally without looking like OH she was wearing lipstick and now its falling off her face… if you know what I mean.

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Read it in a day, I loved it. Recommended it to everyone else, they loved it too. Such an easy read I just wish it had gone on for another 6000 pages it was brilliant I ADORED.

A Little Life by by Hanya Yangihara

WOOOWWWW not an easy read but a beautiful one. My mum and I read this at the same time and obsessed over it, talking about it every chance we got it. It’s epic. Huge but you want it to be, the characters are beautiful and you become so attached. It’s tragic but epic. Wish I’d never read it so I could read it all again.

Secret History by Donna Dart

Currently zooming through this one and resenting my workload from preventing me curling up all day and finishing it. I love Donna Tart, Goldfinch was one of my favourite books so this is not disappointing at all. Also everyone I go to for book tips has inhaled and adored so I knew it would be brilliant before I even started.

Jo Loves White Rose and Lemon Leaves Fragrance*

THE BEST SUMMER SCENT EVER. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know of the heartbreak that occurred when I dropped my handbag and the bottle shattered. My mum actually replaced it for me as a well done on the marathon present and I have never been so grateful. It’s the best scent ever and I get SO many compliments on it.

Nude by Nature Highlight Stick*

It’s soft and dewy and easy to apply and it’s subtle but not TOO subtle and it has me glowing to the damn gods. I love it. You will too.

Topshop Shoulder Bag*

I get teased for this, mercilessly. I often get asked too if I am a photographer. I’m not. I’m TRENDY guys. Hahaha. I’m not, but the bag helps with the facade. I love it, it’s got lots of compartments, is bigger than it looks, can be used with other bags and is just all around fab. Also smells amazing cos Jo Loves bottle smashed in there so can never stop using it.

H&M Slim Mom Jeans*

Never thought I’d be a mom jean type of gal, always favouring the slightly more slimming skinny jean, but here we are! They’re comfy as fuck, trendy as hell and go with loads. Love them. New favourites.

My Lucy & Yak Clown Trousers

Haha not actually called clown trousers but I think that’s what they resemble. Very fun and trendy and cool and I love them. Made me feel like a total fucking badass and for that, I adore them.

Accessorize Hoop Earrings

ONLY problem with these is everyone seems to have them so I do a lot of “oooh, great taste we have” when I bump into other people sharing the love. They’re great though and smarten up any dull outfit (most of them, tbf).

New Look White Chunky Trainers

TRENDY. And cool and comfy and because they’re from New Look, a fraction of the Ballenciaga price tag.

F&F Zebra Swimming Costume

This was part of a paid collaboration but LOOK AT IT. I love it. I’ve had so many compliments on it and have never been so happy to use my ‘influence’ for something than I was to create a heard of zebras!! What a treat.

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops*

RIGHT. I’m not a fake tan gal normally but this has totally changed the game. You add a few drops to your normal moisturiser and that’s it. It doesn’t stain, it comes out really natural and it can be as light or as dark as you choose. I’m now using it twice a week and getting a lot of love on my new colour!

Brooks Adrenaline Trainers*

The babies that saw me through the marathon! They were recommended to me by my physio and I love them. It was hard throwing away my old favourites, also Brooks but the “ghosts” but my ruthless mother chucked ’em in the bin and I haven’t really looked back. I’m asked a lot for advice about trainers by people getting into running. Truthfully I think if it’s something you’re going to pursue properly it’s worth going to a proper running shop and asking for advice but if you know what you want, vaguely, and these might be it – go for it!!

New Look Sun Dress

It’s pretty!! And soft and lightweight and lovely. Only thing is it’s a bit tight on the boobies – you have been warned!!

Coral Laptop Case

Feel like I should be working from a beach somewhere. I’m tragically not. But the case helps to cheer me up.


I’ve talked a lot about this on my Instagram stories – I was really kindly gifted it by the brand to help with my IBS and I have never been so grateful for anything. It took a few weeks to work but the bloating went down SO much it changed my life. About two months after finishing the 12 week programme the bloating came back so I’m on it once again. I would NEVER recommend a product that I didn’t absolutely swear by where IBS is concerned because I know how overwhelming a condition it is – truthfully it’s been an absolute lifesaver for me so if you’re umming and ahing over it – I’d AH, it’s worth the money.

Kobox Classes (read about my first one here)

If you’re in London, you’ve gotta go. It’s absolutely brilliant and my new favourite way of working out.

Too Faced Life’s A Festival Palette

Look how trendy it is. I love it.

Maria Nila Soft Shampoo & Conditioner

Right so I have curly, frizzy hair that is straight on top and an all round fucking nightmare to live with. This stuff changed my life. I don’t meant to be dramatic, but honestly. GAME CHANGER. I recently ran out and went back to the Aussi shampoo and god how did I ever use it?? NO. Maria Nila is the balls.

Brow shaping at Blink Brow Bar

How did I get so far through my life doing my own brows? FUCK. They’re amazing. Only in London I think, sorry, but still my absolutely favourites. The girls in there are SO nice and SO amazing. I get my brows threaded (no, it doesn’t hurt that much) and then I had a lash lift and perm too which was brilliant – just before I went to Barbados, it was a great pre-holiday treatment.

Deliciously Ella Granola

I have it for breakfast every morning with berries and coconut yoghurt and it’s bloody delicious.

Eat Real Cheddar Quinoa Puffs Cheddar Flavour

As close to whatsitts as a dairy and gluten free gal is going to get, these are my favourites. Ever. I love them. I would honestly happily eat myself to death on them. They’re delicious. DELICIOUS. Try them, immediately.

Booja Booja Vegan Salted Caramel Ice Cream

My best pal. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a vegan ice-cream that actually tastes like the bloody treat that ice cream is and this has absolutely been up to scratch. Heaven.

Chernobyl on Netflix

Well it aint cheery, but it’s epic.

Flee Bag


Love Island (although I’m not feeling great about that)

LOL. Doesn’t need recommending. You know it’s brilliant and I know you already love it.

Aldi Candle No 18 Fig & Casis

GUYYSSSS this is the greatest public service announcement I will ever deliver. They are as good as the Jo Malone ones but they cost less than ¬£4. I can’t believe I’m sharing my secrets, they will be sold out everywhere but I’m feeling generous. The fig & casis are my favourites, though the pomegranate diffuser is good too. TRY THEM. You won’t regret it.


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