If you had told Em of five years ago, or anyone that knew her, that one day she would be doing beauty reviews, they'd probably have laughed until they couldn't stand anymore. Makeup was never my bag and I famously got it wrong for years (shout out to all my girls who were teenagers in the mid-noughties and that damn blue eyeshadow period!), but recently, as I have started blogging more (and since my sister became the world's best makeup applier) I've started to clue up and I find myself overwhelmed with the urge to share my findings. 

So I've tried loads of foundations over the years, I was a total 'drug-store' gal for years, Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, whatever I could afford really. I progressed to benefit, then to Laura Mercier, still with no clue what I was doing. Since blogging though it's been easier, I tried and loved the Dior Forever (which although amazeballs I do find to be a spot-o heavy for day to day use), then I went to L'Oreal True Match but realised the coverage wasn't quite up to scratch before I moved onto the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer. Anyone who knows me or reads any of this stuff will know that that was my obsession for ages, and I still adore it. The coverage is unreal and the applicator is amazing - my only complaint as we come into the summer months was that it was quite 'matte' (something I love in the winter but not something I'm looking for in the summer) and I was counting on quite a lot of highlighter to gain a glowy effect. I figured there wasn't any harm in trying something new and now here we are, with the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - a classic and a favourite for many a beauty blogger, and something that I have TOTALLY fallen in love with. 

Initially, I'll be honest, the name frightened me a little - totally paranoid about my skin and rarely without at least one spot I didn't think I wanted anything with the title 'sheer' in it (same applies to clothes tbh!) and I was worried that the coverage wouldn't be up to much, oh how wrong was I?

I have what would probably be labelled as 'dry' skin, if I don't moisturise my face fairly quickly after washing it or getting out the shower, you'll know about it. I get a bit flakey between my eyebrows and on my chin which has always been a bit of an issue with foundation, it would gather there and I'd always look a bit gross - for lack of a better word - think of the fella in Austin Powers who peels his skin off and saves it... The great thing about the Sheer Glow is that it is SO un-cakey (my professional opinion) that it hardly does that at all and if I've moisturised that morning then there is literally no problem.

One layer, although thin, gives me all the coverage that I need and gives me the 'luminous' look that I just wasn't getting from my heavier favourites. If I know I'm having photos taken or need to hide something a second layer can be applied super duper easily and it doesn't cake at all. 

The only thing that really annoys be about this product is the fact that it doesn't come with a pump at all - I feel like the risk factor is much bigger (leaving the life off and spilling it everywhere) etc and it's a pain in the ass when too much comes out onto your hand but tbh it's not the end of the world and you can buy a pump for it HERE. (Clever Nars stealing more of our money eh?!)

Basically, I'm in love with the foundation, it's P.E.R.F.E.C.T for summer and even survived the sweat that poured out of me during the heatwave just been. On Saturday I left my house at 10am and didn't get home until 1am - I didn't reapply once and I swear down my skin looked cracking all day. (Beer goggles may have helped compound that belief but I'm fairly sure I came home looking just as flawless as I did when I went out). So yes, I recommend the foundation, I really do. BUT, my obsession doesn't stop there.

I made the (financial) mistake of popping over the the Nars counter in John Lewis to buy this foundation to ensure that I got the right shade and whilst there I was talked into trying their Soft Matte Complete Concealer, something that I had heard SO many good things about in the blogosphere. Man they were not wrong.

I didn't think I'd love it, the fact that it was in a pot slightly put me off as I totally assumed that it would sit on my spots and make them look worse (as experience with concealers in pots has taught me...) but I was so wrong and I *think* I might go so far as to say that this is the best concealer that I have ever used. BIG words Em... back them up. 

OK so it's super duper creamy and not drying at all, honestly I've been putting it under my eyes and just feel like I look SO much more awake - it doesn't dry me out at all or sit in wrinkles and it is just moisturising enough that it works with my spots or dry patches rather than sitting on them and drawing attention to the trouble area. A little bit goes SUCH a long way and apart from anything, I adore the packaging. Before I tried this I was loving the Urban Decay Naked Concealer and everyone's favourite cheepies by Collection but this has shat on them all to be honest - it's great and I'm never going back to a stick again. (Big big claims here!).

I'm really happy that I tried these products and know that I will not be branching away from them this summer, I feel my skin looks so healthy and not at all like I'm wearing too much makeup, which is something that I just hate in the summer months! I am wearing the Punjabi shade of foundation and then, because I like my concealer to be a tad paler I have the Creme-Brule shade. The Nars website is quite good for showing you colours but if you're unsure, especially where the foundation is concerned, I'd recommend popping over to a Nars counter if you have the time!

Please let me know what foundations you're using and why you love them! Hope this was helpful, big love xxxx

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