I think I've only shaved my thighs once or twice in my life. I'm lucky enough to have naturally fair hair and so, since it has always been blonde, I never really saw the point. I don't know why I've always stopped at my knees, logically it doesn't actually make a lot of sense to stop there, but that's just what I have always done, without even thinking about it. But then, last week, I uploaded a photon on Instagram of my legs on a sun lounger (because that's what you do on holiday right?!) and some guy took it upon himself to leave this comment: 

Aren't people just the best? (Trick question, people can be the effing worst!). This comment came about just as the story of female body builder Morgan Mikenas who hasn't shaved her legs or armpits in a year, did the rounds on social media. IN her video, called "Why I don't shave", she said that by embracing her "natural beauty" she has become more comfortable in herself. 

And she looks great, what she is doing is great, not least of all because of the amount of supportive messages that she has been receiving. But of course, there have been some nasty ones too, just like the one that I got for not shaving the pitiful amount of blonde hair that I have above my knees. 

For as long as I can remember, I have removed my underarm hair, my lower leg hair, my upper lip, my eyebrows and my bikini line. Who taught me what to do? I can't remember, but whoever it was, they never mentioned my thighs. I've given it such little thought that when I saw that comment on my Instagram photo I was actually really surprised. For 10 years I've been removing my lower leg hair once every few weeks and now I find out that I am doing it wrong?

Nah. I didn't think so. 

Of course we're expected to be hairless. In magazine shoots, in films, in porn, women are totally hairless, even on their arms. If they've not had it all removed then they've certainly had it airbrushed out. And to a certain extent, we've copied them: our legs, underarms, eyebrows, upper lips and pubic hair have mostly fallen victim to one form or another of hair removal. And generally speaking I am okay about that, it's a huge pain in the arse (often literally), but most the time, I'm happy with the results, I prefer them to the alternative. 

But what we need to remember is that our bodies were made this way for a reason. We were given hair for a purpose. And so, whilst I will happily epilate the living shit out of the aforementioned areas, you'll be waiting for the rest of your life if you expect me to remove the hair from anywhere else. My thighs are strong. They are beautiful, I rely on them every day to do amazing things. And so, I will protect them. Much like I want to protect my face and my arms and my bum and my boobs and my stomach. I will protect them using what I was given: hundreds and thousands of adorable blonde hairs and I will NOT be shamed for that.