When it comes to skincare, I have in the past, been frighteningly lazy. I very rarely cleansed my face, I literally never moisturised and the closest I got to really doing anything was scrubbing my face with a makeup wipe.

I'd keep them next to my bed and always felt incredibly proud of myself if I remembered to use them at the end of the day. Feeling that, when I did, I was being responsible and grown up and an all round GOOD adult. I've always owned skincare products; cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturisers but they had all found themselves gathering dust. 

I'd also always had quite bad skin. I was lucky enough not to be an acne sufferer but I was not lucky enough to feel confident ever. I would regularly have huge angry red spots on my chin, my nose was a breeding ground for blackheads and the area between my eyebrows was so dry that it wasn't uncommon for big flakes of skin to become detached from my face. (Sorry that's pretty gross).

Anyway, recently I decided that, as a grown woman in her early twenties, who has a pretty good diet, the state of my skin was not only depressing, but also something that I could fix. And fix it I have. 

First came moisturising. My skin drank this like nothing else and I saw an immediate difference. After that I found facemarks and then face oils, gradually my skin improved but still angry spots were appearing. In a last ditch attempt I decided to change the way that I removed my makeup, I started cleansing, only occasionally at first *who can be bothered to do it every night?!* and then, after a while, I drunkenly used my last Simple Cleansing Wipe and somehow, didn't replace it. I didn't even need to as by this point I was hooked on my skincare routine and the difference was ridiculous.

I genuinely, hand-on-heart, promise to God, have not had a PROPER big angry spot for MONTHS. Sometimes I have days where I don't wear makeup just because I can't be bothered and I am 1000% more confident about doing that. There have also been nights where I've thought 'fuck it' and have slept in my makeup but I think I got away with them.

And initially I felt bad, blaming all of this on some little wipes, but after a bit of research, I realised that makeup wipes really were a huge problem. Yes, it probably is slightly better for your skin than sleeping with your makeup on, BUT, they are still so far from good for you. I know that they are literally the most convenient things ever but I'm begging you to think twice about buying them. 

Here is a list of reasons why makeup wipes are the actual worst:

- They're soaked in some ridiculously powerful chemicals. As in, the stuff you had to wear gloves to touch in chemistry lessons at school.

- They'll sit in their packets in shops for well over a year and so require alcohol and preservatives to keep them "fresh."

- They don't actually remove your makeup, all they really end up doing is rubbing all the makeup, oil and dirt around a bit.

- Since you don't rinse your skin after using a makeup wipe, you'll end up leaving a lot of those horrid chemicals on your face which can really irritate the skin! (This is why I was getting such dry skin!)

- The harsh chemicals can cause premature ageing around your mouth and eyes where the skin is sensitive. 

- They're ruining the environment. Slightly off topic maybe, but there is now an average of 35 wipes found for every kilometre of beach and that is getting worse. If you are going to use them: DON'T FLUSH THEM DOWN THE LOO!

Look, I know that you have heard this all before, I know that this is boring and ridiculous and that you probably can't be arsed with all of this, I don't blame you, I was you, deep down, I am you. But investing in good skincare and making time for five minutes of cleansing in the evening has down my skin more good than I thought possible and there is no way I will ever go back now.

So my advice to you is to at least try. It might be a little ambitious to give them up cold turkey at first, and I know that you won't get it right every time, but it is definitely worth trying! They really are devilish those things...