Put your hand up if last night you slept with your makeup on. Okay. Now put your hand up if you DID take it off but you used a makeup wipe? now quickly raise your hand if you have no idea what a toner is. 

If you raised your hand for one or more of the above questions, then this post is probably for you.

Before I started running this blog I was totally crap at skincare. Even now, I'm no expert, but I'm trying to learn. I was queen of sleeping in my makeup and probably didn't own a moisturiser for about 12 years. I thought washing your face could be done solely with water and basically had no understanding of skincare at all. 

But then I got a bit older and I started to get some wrinkles on my forehead and dry skin in-between my eyebrows and still, despite my older age, I was getting spots on my chin. So I decided it was time to clue up. I'm still not massively sure what a toner is but I do now cleanse, moisturise AND oil my skin so the moral high ground is mine for a minute if you'll let me have it.

Since I started paying attention to my skin I also noticed that this time of year is particularly bad for it. It's drier than normal (eckhhhh) and if I don't moisturise it actually hurts. I also get lots of spots (because of central heating I think) and so really would encourage everyone to take better care of their skin at this point more than any other.

BUT HOW?! I hear you ask. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING AND IT'S ALL SO CONFUSING AND EXPENSIVE AND I CAN'T BE ARSED. Yup yup. I hear you. That was (/is) me most the time. So I've had an idea for starting you off.

Rather than going and buying industrial sizes of EVERYTHING without trying it, why don't we start small, with small bottles, for a reasonable price? Yes Em, good idea, but where would we find such a thing??? No worries guys, I found it for you. 

Introducing the Demalogica 'Our Favourites' kit that I have been using, and lurvinggg recently. It consists of 5 small bottles (useful to try at first) of a precleanser, a toner, a gentle exfoliant a skin hydrating booster and a primer. Don't worry, I'll explain what they all are. 

(Candles not included, they're my props cause I'm getting good at blogging now)

(Candles not included, they're my props cause I'm getting good at blogging now)

The precleanser: This is, kind of as the name suggests, a precleanser. Lol well done Em thanks for that but what does it DO?! Okay yes, so you apply this to your skin with dry hands after a long hard day of getting shit done in your warpaint on. You then run your hands under water, and continue to rub it into your face until it forms a milky texture, you then rinse it with water. It's easy to use and pretty much removes all of your makeup. Normally with cleansers you'll find yourself flapping about with cotton wool balls (which are THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS EVER) and its grim but you don't need them with this, so on the cleanser alone I'd say your quids in.

The gentle cream-exfoliant: This is basically a face-mask which to my mind, is always a good thing. I have only used it once but I did like it. It says on the bottle not to be alarmed if your face stings a bit as this is normal, mine did a bit but not too much and it did make my skin look very good, 'fresh' afterwards.

The multi-active toner: Now I ought to confess I'm still not entirely sure I know what a toner is, but if they're all like this then we should all be using them a lot more. I spray (yes spray, so it's fun) this onto m face after I've cleansing it and it feels so. damn. good. It makes me feel clean AND grown up AND great because it makes my skin feel really moist.... is that a gross description? Probably, sorry.

The skin-hydrating booster: Again, before I used it I couldn't have told you what it was, but now I know: it's basically like a superduper moisturiser that I really like. I put it on after the toner and it is very 'hydrating' - it doesn't feel like I'm all claggy (sometimes happens with moisturisers) and  don't feel oily either so I recommend this one.

The skinperfect primer: Primer is a new thing to me and now something that I won't be without. I put it on before my foundation and i can't even tell you how much my skin is thanking me. This is SPF 30 so that's already a main selling point (protect yourself from dem rays girls!). It is very velvety and gives your skin quite a 'matt' finish which is actually pretty great as nothing worse than my enormous shiny forehead. 

And there you have it. My first 'review' and a good one at that! I really like this set and would recommend it. I normally don't like 'travel size' kits if I'm honest as I find that the bottles are annoyingly small and I either forget to use them because they're in the draw or they run out too fast. But I'm making an exception here. It's a good set and the whole lot can sit in my wash bag and hardly take up any space. It's even better if you're the kind of person who does want to do the 'try before you by' type thing because you won't then be stuck with vats of things that don't work... god forbid you don't like it.

The whole set is £25 at the moment and if I'm honest with ya, for great quality skincare it doesn't get much better than that. If you want to get your hands on some you can do here.

I hope this has been helpful and that you can now feel a little bit less overwhelmed by the terrifyingly big world of skincare! Happy toning xxxx