Up until very recently, I was a total novice when it came to makeup. I applied foundation with no primer, put it on with my fingers, put bronzer on ALL over my cheeks, neglected my eyebrows and din't realise that eyeshadow could be layered or should be blended.

But then, as I started blogging and researching what others were up to, I started to see other people doing their makeup SO well that I thought it was time that I upped my game. So over the last year I have picked up some tricks and tips and now feel like I'm finally starting to get it.

My most recent discovery? Makeup brushes. Basically, in a totally overly dramatic way, they've changed my life. 

No longer am I cursed with the dreaded foundation fingers (orange smears on everything I touch, most notably my laptop and phone), gone too are the days of streaky lines/finger marks under my chin from where I got sloppy. It also means that I don't now have to use the same tools for my cheeks as I do my eyes (my hands) AND, let's face it... I legit feel like a pro now. 

And you know what? It just feels cleaner and so long as you actually keep the brushes clean, then it just is better for your skin. I touch my face ALL the time, which is bad enough. But rubbing my germy fingers all over it every morning, on purpose?! Well that just won't do at all. 

So. Where do we get them and what do we do with them? Well to be honest, every brand EVER sells them. But because I am a stingy bastard, I have never seen the point in splashing out £££ on them and so I've actually just got my hands on these bad boys from Wilko, for less than a fiver a pop. And if you ask me, you wouldn't know the difference. 

And just because I didn't know this either, this is what you do with them all. Foundation brush, obvi, for your foundation. The blusher brush I use for bronzer and highlighter when I try my hand at contouring, but also, obviously good for blusher. I don't actually use powder but that's what the powder brush is for. The concealer brush is great for under your eyes, I've only started putting it there recently and it's changed EVERYTHING! And the eyeshadow brush is again fairly obvious. 

BTW. For all five of those brushes it's £22 which is less than a lot of people are paying for just the one brush in somewhere like Mac. Maybe one day that'll be me but hells no not right now, girl gotta eat!

And then what about cleaning them? (Water won't cut it by the way.) When I was looking into this for my own personal use everyone recommended using my cleanser to clean my brushes which is great unless you, like me, love your cleanser so so much and don't want to waste it on your brushes (my cleanser is something I won't be stingy on!). So I improvised and what I've been using instead is actually a cheap as chips, multi-purpose anti-bac spray called AQUAINT. As it turns out it's so free of chemicals it's safe to drink and kills 99.9% of bacteria which is more than my cleanser does. It's also only £2.49. Sold. (Available from Amazon, Boots, Ocado, Mothercare etc).

So there you have it. All for under £25. Give it a go and see if you too can become a total drama queen like me and start telling the world that starting with makeup brushes changed your whole life.