You may remember a few weeks ago, Franks review Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Belly Blitz (workout video) to see if it was something worth doing and if workout videos are all that they are cracked up to be. Now not to brag or anything but we were well ahead of the trend with that one as now it's January, everyone and anyone is giving these videos a go.

But thinking about them, I'm less than impressed with the whole thing. Like the rest of the world, I'm at least making a tiny effort to be a bit healthier this month and with that in mind, I went to the gym this morning and cycled 40k on the watt bike.

In doing so I burnt 700 odd calories (GO ME), turned my legs into jelly and sweated like nothing you've ever seen before. I got to the point when my sweat was falling off my head in huge drops onto the floor, my eyes were burning from the salt and my my hair was completely stuck to my face. 

But since I was doing this on a Sunday morning, there were certain types of gym goers there today, some of which were giving me the "dude chill out that's kind of gross" look as they saw my red and sweaty body hunched over the handle-bars. Which is incredibly annoying, because in my totally-not-professional opinion, I looked fucking fabulous. I looked like I had worked really hard, I looked like I was about to drop down dead. Which I probably was.

The problem is though, I think we've totally forgotten what a REAL workout looks like! All we ever seem to see is perfectly made up celebs dipping in and out of the gym with their fab hair and make up and sunglasses et al. I'm hard pushed to remember a water bottle for fuck's sake.

And then there are the workout videos, Charlotte Crosby's in particular, because when Frankie and I watched the video we were beyond stressed out by the fact that we were sweating like pigs and Charlotte looked like she was ready for a night out.

Really the whole point of the gym is that it's the one place that you can be totally sweaty and gross in your own little world. But because of the expectation put on us by workout videos like these and pap shots of celebs after a gym-sesh, we sort of feel a bit ashamed and confused when we leave the gym looking sweaty and gross.

The problem with these workout videos is of course that by the time they make them, the stars are ALREADY fit and they're going on t'telly so they need to look all glam. It's all very well doing a before and after shot for the cover but what we really need to see is the journey, to remind ourselves that getting a figure like this doesn't just happen.

In fact I'm quite liking the idea of making a home movie myself - showing what it really means to exercise and what it really looks like to sweat because I think that we all need a healthy reminder of what a normal girl looks like when she's trying to better herself.

Apart from anything, by sweating you are making your fat cry and that at least seems worth it, don't be put out that when you leave the gym you look like a raspberry, be proud of yourself for smashing it!