So as many of you will know by now, The Pretty Normal Me Team have been in training mode recently as our half marathon is just around the corner!

A lot of you will also know that both Frankie and I are more than a little bit blessed in the chest department and so when I was out for a run last week and the strap of my sports bra snapped I thought it might be time for a little bit of research!

I think we have always taken our Sports Bras a little bit for granted and only when I had to run a mile home without one did I realise how important they were! Sports Bras are up their with trainers as THE most important running accesorairies to have and really something that you need to be spending good money on.

So why are they so important?

Regardless of whether you are larger breasted or small, our boobs are made up of fatty tissues (mmmm) and running, or moving around without porper support can cause the Coopers Ligaments, the ligaments around them to stretch or break, when this happens, they cannot be repaired and will result in an irreversable droop/sag.

Running without a sports bra is also, I'm sure you know, often quite painful and for me at least, embarassing when i'm flying all over the shop.

So what do you need to be doing? First of all, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right size and actually the right kind of bra for the activity that you want to be partaking in, this is something that you defo want to talk to look into before you buy one! 

You also need to make sure that you regularly replace them, and I don't mean once a week or anything, but bare in mind, the more they go through the wash, the more support they will lose. It is generally advised that you replace a sports bra after about 40 washes. I know it seems expensive but trust me, when you're the perkiest 60 year old on the block, you'll thank me.

I have tried countless sports bra in my time and I would actually really recommend the Shock Absorber. (Sizes A up to HH). They come in a tonne of colours and actually have been the most comfortable and supportive for me, (obviously this was not the bra that snapped last week,) and they're not that expensive all things considered.

When I asked Frankie what she thinks makes up a good sports bra she said: "A strong piece of machinery involving several straps and other torture devices to handle the bad boys".. and that ladies, is exactly what these are, minus the torture, because after I've run a mile, the bra is the least of my worries!

So if you take one piece of advice from me (or anyone else!) this week, getting a decent sports bra really needs to be the advice that you take!