As ya’ll might have noticed, we launched our Gym T-Shirts yesterday, (exciting!) but in all our excitement we didn’t necessarily think ahead to the fact that, at the moment, we literally have no use for them at all. In other words, WE DO NOT RUN.

(unless for staged photos of course...)

Won’t, haven’t, can’t etc etc. We’ve always been afraid of running, but, prancing around in our totally hilarious t-shirts this week has genuinely shamed us into doing something.

And so… DRUMROLL PLEASE… We have signed up to do Blenheim Half Marathon on Sunday 4th October. (Shoot me in the face right now!).  

13.2 miles.

Where do we even start? Well, we don’t know yet and so, we thought we would share with you every single moment of the next, and probably hellish, 3 months, as we squeeze our assets into our lycra and prepare our totally inept bodies for the challenge at hand.

We would like to become your go-to-guide on Half Marathon Training For Dummies and will share with you our ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ (please do not be surprised if, come October, the ‘don’ts’ pile is just made up of Half Marathons).

Full disclosure, we do not plan on giving up smoking (this is stressful enough as it is), we are CERTAINLY not giving up drinking and we want to go at this with the most positive attitude possible… (we are not inherently positive people where running is concerned, it is your job, our lovely Pretty Normal People, to keep the morale up…)

And so, people of London, if you see us anywhere near a pub, or not in lyrca over the next few months you have our permission to chase us down the street with spatulas. People of FB & Twit, much the same, although virtual spatulas will do… (please don’t arrive at our houses at weird times with spatulas).

Oh and while we’ve got you all here, if you would like, for any weird reason, to do a half marathon on October 4th, please come join us! And if you want to look totally bad ass and a bit ridiculous whilst partaking in your own workouts this summer, please do so in our Pretty Normal Tees!

Lots of love xxxxx