1. A mile is much further than you think.
2. The movie Run Fat Boy Run offered a very accurate portrayal of the blisters you can expect.
3. Shin Splints hurt.
4. You MUST stretch.
5. Running on your own is boring and you’ll probably quit.
6. It get’s easier. 
7. Running outside is much easier than it is on the treadmill. 
8. You will not stick to your training plan.
9. Good trainers are really important.
10. No seriously, it really will get easier.

So three weeks ago we announced that we had signed up for Blenheim Half Marathon and promised you that we would give you weekly updates as to how our training was going. And that hasn’t happened. Although we did actually sign up (hurrah!) we did not get around to quite as much training as we hoped we might have done. 

That said, we have run and we have got further each time. I had the benefit of a couple of weeks head-start on Frankie so I am in charge of the Spatula. This means, when Frankie stops running or needs to walk, I am well within my rights to hit her on the bum with it until she sets off again. 

So in our first 3 weeks of training, what have we learned?

A Mile Is Much Further Than You Think:

When you set off for your first run and you can’t run a mile without stopping DON’T PANIC, this is totally normal. A mile in a car seems like nothing. It’s not nothing, it’s a long way and so don’t expect to do it all in one go. We certainly couldn’t.

The Movie Run Fat Boy Run Offered A Very Accurate Portrayal Of The Blisters You Can Expect:

Wear running socks. I didn’t for the first two weeks and still have the most agonisingly disgusting blisters ever. If you get them, fight through it, the skin will harden and they will go. Promise.

Shin Splints Hurt:

Poor Frankie has been attacked by Shin Splints in the last couple of weeks. They do hurt, don’t run through them! It means your calves are too tight, so…

You Must Stretch:

Shin Splints are not the only things that come about as a result of not stretching. Sore hips, knees, quads, calves, you name it. Always stretch before you set off and for at least 10 mins when you get back… seriously you’ll thank us for that!

Running On Your Own Is Boring And You’ll Probably Quit:

Unless you’ve got a super amazing brain, running on your own can be a bit daunting and boring when you first start. When you get into the groove of things I imagine it’s a bit nicer, but at least for the first month try and find someone to run with, you’ll improve together and struggle together and hopefully be able to share a laugh or two!

It Get’s Easier:

If you do the same route over and over again, you will start to notice places that, when you first started, you had to stop at and now you can breeze past. When we started our loop last week we had to stop 5 times, by the end we only stopped twice. #Winners

Running Outside Is Much Easier Than It Is On The Treadmill:

I didn’t believe this one either but seriously, when you’re in the gym you are comparing yourself to other people and staring at the numbers obsessively willing them to go faster. I think because you never actually GO anywhere it feels like you’ve been doing it for ages. 10 minutes outside goes way faster, promise.

You Will Not Stick To Your Training Plan:

Our training plan was the most unrealistic thing on the whole planet, it lasted for a week and now I don’t even know where it is. Don’t feel guilty. Rules are made to be broken! You know in your heart of hearts what you should be doing… just keep an eye on the calendar and make sure you don’t lose a week like we did!

Good Trainers Are Really Important:

I’m not a physio, or a doctor or a professional in any way, shape or form. But you need support when you’re running and if your trainers are rubbish you can damage your knees, back, hips etc. (I don’t know which one specifically…) You just do need good runners.

No Seriously, It Really Will Get Easier:

It doesn’t feel like it, but it will. Running, we have worked out, is all in our heads, our legs will keep going for as long as we need them to. It’s our heads that want to give up first. Try and trick your brain into making running fun. It’s almost working for us and we promise… it’s definitely getting easier!

Frankie Says...
'You've never known fear if you've never been chased by a blonde woman wielding a kitchen implement.'

So there you have it, we’ve been running for three weeks and we’re basically professionals! Actually, we’re still pretty rubbish but we are picking things up as we go. We have no choice but to begin training properly now though because tomorrow is the end of July and that means time really is running away with us… see what we did there? 

We’ll keep you posted… xxx