Welcome to Pretty Normal Me’s latest segment: Getting Fit For Dummies.

It has come to our attention that a lot of people are struggling with the initial push to begin their life as gym-bods. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the work for you, (well as much of it as we can anyway) by going to the classes that are on offer to find out if this is something really worth doing.

Our first stop? Pilates.

We have previously complained that a lot of these classes can be quite intimidating, and so we wanted to go and experience this first hand to find out how much of an outsider a ‘normal’ girl would feel amongst these lovely bendy wonders that we’ve feared for so long.

We’ve broken it down into five main compartments:

Initial Scare Factor:

(The fear we felt arriving at the class and taking our shoes off…)


Slightly intimidating crowd here, we were 2 of 5 new people in the class, the rest of them seemed to know what was going on and looked long, lean and pretty darn pro.

Mid Point Scare Factor:

(The fear we felt after everyone has relaxed into the session a bit…)


By the time we were all on our backs the mood relaxed a little and thankfully we weren’t the only ones struggling. So it all relaxed a bit as a groan came from one end of the room and a complaint from the other.

Fun Factor:

(How much we actually laughed and ‘enjoyed’ the session…)


Realistically it would not have been appropriate to tell a bad joke, and no one would have laughed if one of us had broken wind. So although we did enjoy the session, it certainly wasn’t ‘laugh a minute…’

Burn Factor:

(Pretty obvious, the pain our muscles were in during and after…)


Although perhaps not as hard as climbing Everest or running a Marathon, we really did feel the burn in this session. Our legs were in agony by the end and both of us are now slightly afraid to laugh due to the pain in our stomachs. V good for your muscles this.

Sweat Factor:

(How hard our fat cried as it left our body…)


We didn’t sweat doing this like you would in a Bikram Yoga session, but don’t underestimate Pilates. We most certainly sweated and both of us left with a sheen that can only mean one thing: We worked really bloody hard.

So, Pretty Normal Me Consensus?


If you’re looking to tone up, this may well be the class for you. There is no doubt that this is the secret to gorgeous toned women everywhere. It’s hard work, but actually good for the mind as well. More interesting than Yoga by a long shot and although we are not as exhausted as we might have been following a run, our muscles certainly are and we therefore recommend it highly.

We will most certainly be going back.

(We took our class today in a Virgin Active Gym. If anyone has had a different experience, would like us to review your class, or would like to ask any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch at