Every day I bow down at the alter of midi skirts, and I thank them for their very existence.

I have deemed them to be the definition of perfection for a gal like me. I only curse myself for hating them for so long, hating them before I’d even tried them, hating them because I didn’t have a clue how to wear them.

In theory, it’s perfect.

It’s smart, but not boring. Practical, but still stylish. Day time AND night time.

The ones on the market now are nothing like the frumpy, boring, old-lady skirts our mums would make us wear to their friends’ children’s’ christenings. That’s probably why I hated anything that went below the knee for so long by the way, years of being wrestled into them as a teenager when they just so weren’t cool is enough to put you off anything.

This length of skirt is not just for old women at the library who may or may not have weed themselves anymore. Nor is this length of skirt only acceptable for teachers to wear, or Mrs. Doubtfire.

No no, this length of skirt is COOL now. And it’s right up my street.

Save for one tiny problem, I never really know how to wear them.

As a girl who spent mot of her life as a teenager trying to make herself look as thin as was humanly possible, by wearing the tightest of all the clothes, the idea of embracing a garment so far away from flattering, so closely connected to ‘frumpy’, was scary to me.

Fashion has always felt like something reserved for the women without a curve to their name, the women who can make anything ‘look good’, the women who really, all these clothes were made for in the first place.

And that’s not to thin-shame, it’s just to observe; it’s harder to follow fashion friends if you’re not Cara Delevingne, or at least shaped like her.

So how do you follow fashion into the direction of midi skirts when you’ve got hips and boobs and a bum?

Well, I have one piece of advice before I give you three ways of styling three different types of midi skirts (it’s the same thing I said in my ‘how to wear trousers‘ blog post by the way…):

Accept that they might not be the most flattering garments in your wardrobe and that that is OK. 

Fashion is supposed to be fun, sacrifice the super flattering options all the time and do what you want to do. I have never enjoyed a season more than I have enjoyed this spring, and I’m thanking the midi skirt for that.

So let’s go.

Smart and sort of sexy???


Did I just call myself sexy?

Guys. I’m wearing 1) a LEOPARD PRINT skirt and B) these sexy as hell red shoes.

You bet your ass I called myself sexy.

I have never worn leopard print in my life but good GOD IT FEELS GOOD.

I concede it might have been a bit much to couple this Zara skirt with a tight t-shirt, particularly at this time of year, and probably not during the day, but with a black jumper and these Asos shoes??? I think I might be onto a winner…

Places where you could rock this outfit:

  • Dinner with friends
  • Drinks basically anywhere
  • A lunch with someone you’re scared is ~way~ cooler than you.
  • When you need an outfit that makes you feel sassy as hell.
  • To work if your office is the coolest place ever.

I love this skirt.

I normally wear a size small, but I got this in a medium because a) I hate a muffin top and all the discomfort they bring and b) I can tuck a jumper into it really comfortably.

The only thing I’d say about the shoes is that you ought get them in a size bigger, that point can be a little crushing if you, like me, are not used to smart and fancy footwear.

This skirt, in all its versatile fabulousness also works with jumpers in all the colours and since I am now utterly obsessed with it, I will be wearing it basically every damn day.

To my Instagram followers, you have been warned.


Bohemian Chic…



So when I first put this skirt on, my flatmate and I both laughed and decided that I looked a bit like a simple farm girl…

“don’t mind me folks, I’m just goon go milk our Daisy, our prize-winnin’ cow”


But when it’s dressed? I’m. In. Love.

I think it might be a tad bulky to wear it with a jumper, but it’s a bit cold to go without sleeves so I’ve chosen compromise. I’ve put it with a leather jacket and black pumps (love these shoes from New Look by the way), it smartens it and dresses it and makes it a tad less farmer girl and a bit more city ready.

(Although – hella cute without the jacket too, if you are planning a summer out in the sticks)

Places you could wear this outfit:

  • A fancy pub lunch
  • Picnic in the park
  • Summer time dinners, anywhere
  • A bottomless brunch (it’s stretchy and allows a champagne bloat)
  • To work if your office is the coolest place ever

I really do love this skirt and I think it looks particularly cute with a white top (especially this white top from New Look, I’m wearing a size 12 and it’s still a bit tight on the boobies… you have been warned).

This also looks great with heels if you wanna dress it up a bit, but if you’re a normal person who can’t think of anything worse than a pair of grownup heels strapped to your feet all day long, then these pumps‘ll do the trick.

(Helped too by a leather jacket – everything is helped by a leather jacket, these adorable glasses – get similar HERE and the cute as hell necklace from H&M).


Super trendy city gal


My most super fave very chilled, strollin’ the streets of London outfit that I love and feel like a total babe in.


A skirt like this can be worn with jumpers and heels and blouses to dress it up if ya fancy it, but I love love it with a t-shirt and trainers – it’s cute and chilled and perfect and right up my street.

Oh, and this t-shirt??? This. T-SHIRT.


This was made by the total babe, Lauren, of Girl Stole London (and then Girl Vs Cancer), my actual hero. This is one of loads of available designs and the best bit is, 25% of sales are donated to breast cancer charities.

Go have a look.

Places you could wear this outfit:

  • Out for dinner with your pals
  • A big day out exploring the city (any city really)
  • An afternoon drink with your girls
  • When you want to release your inner chiller
  • To work if your office is the coolest place ever

The skirt is cotton so it’s comfy. It’s loose, it’s floaty, and I love it.

If ya wanna ease yourself into this particular avenue of fashion, the midi skirt avenue, I’d start with this little ASOS baby. (It’s only £16!)


So there you have it. My two cents on how to style a midi skirt when you haven’t got a clue about how to style a midi skirt.

I feel like I’m going to be rocking these a LOT in the coming months, keep an eye on my Instagram page for more… so much more.

Some of them might be a disaster. I never said I knew what I was talking about. You’ll have to wait and see.

(*some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links, this means that I make a small percentage on any sales that are made from this blog post – it won’t cost you anything extra, but I have said where everything is from if you would like to find the products by another means)

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  1. Natasza
    April 14, 2018 / 10:31 am

    Red skirt is a winner to me! I’m still to find my inner need to wear a midi skirt because I’m really short and anything between the knee-length and the maxi is making me look like I’m wearing my big sisters clothes.

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