“Divided we fall. United we stand.”

No more disempowerment. No more prejudice. No more bullying.

TOP: Ditch The Label
SHOES: Superga

That’s what the anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label are fighting for. A fair and equal world, no more labels and no more bullying. They are an international charity that works to promote equality and empower people aged between 12 and 25 to overcome bullying. I adore them. And I’m not alone. It is estimated that every 3 minutes someone will benefit from their support.

The online based charity have done surveys which have found some astonishing results. For example they found in 2016 that: 1.5 million young people (50%) have been bullied within the year. That 145,800 (19%) have been bullied every day. They also found that people who have been bullied are almost twice as likely to go on to bully others. That’s half the charity’s mission, to work not just with the bullied, but with the bullies too. Those statistics don’t even scratch the surface of the job at hand, you can see more HERE. This charity has a lot to do, but my god they’ve made a great start.

They’re cool. So cool. Interactive, young, helpful. inspiring, relatable, accessible. I love them. And now they’ve made t-shirts. Really great t-shirts. I want them all. I will have them all. But for now I’m starting where I always do: with Equal Rights and Coffee, the two things that I am most passionate about in life.

The collection is great. Totally great. T-shirts telling us to stay weird. Vests claiming to like our faces. There’s even mention of an avocado somewhere. And you know that by buying one your money is going somewhere SO good. You know that you’re raising awareness for a great cause and giving money to a charity that needs it.

Take a look at the shop HERE.


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