I haven’t been able to eat gluten or dairy for three years and it’s so funny how different people deal with that. Although there are times when I think OH HOLY SHIT I COULD MURDER A DOUGHNUT RIGHT ABOUT NOW, most the time I forget what I’m missing. Yes it is really annoying to miss out on pizza night, no I don’t ‘like’ having to have a salad with no dressing every time, but I make it work, cause that’s what I gotta do.

But then sometimes a company pops up that makes something that I can eat and I get more excited than you could ever know. The first time I tasted dairy free chocolate after I’d had to banish cows milk? I cried. Same story with Firezza’s GF and vegan pizzas and that moment in February when I found NOM bars for the first time. The excitement of finding something not only naughty but also delicious when you have your diet limited for whatever reason? Well you don’t know until it’s happened to you, but take it from me, it’s pretty damn magical.

How often did you eat Cookie Dough as a child? We did it ALL the time and when I remember sleep overs with my friends, I’m pretty sure it was there every damn time. Although I loved it, when I was told that I had to give up all yummy foods, the sudden absence of this did not spring to my mind – sure it was a pain but I’d be alright. I didn’t think about it and I didn’t really miss it, until last week when I was very kindly sent a batch of what I can only describe as HEAVEN from the company Angels & Cookies. I don’t remember what ‘real’ cookie dough tastes like anymore, but if it’s anything like this then I CAN confirm that I have been seriously missing out.

If you can eat gluten/nuts/dairy/eggs/soya etc then this might not be for you (you are lucky enough to have delicious food available to you in every aisle of every shop) but if you are, like me, deprived – please read on…

So Angel Cookies come in three flavours, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge and Ginger & Spice. All three are delicious both raw (not sure if I’m supposed to do that…) and as cookies. The ones in the photos are Ginger & Spice because I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a ginger bread man and the nostalgia really got to me when I smelt it.

Normally if I want to do free-from baking it’s a huge faff, smaller supermarkets very rarely stock the ingredients that I need and I end up spending a fortune and a whole heap of time either online or trekking to bigger shops for certain things. Obviously the benefit here is you still get the fun of baking (albeit the easiest thing in the world) and you don’t have to rip your hair out looking for complicated ingredients.

The cookies literally take 10 minutes in the oven and are totally faff-free. If I’d have been organised and properly blogger-y I’d have cut them into cute shapes but if I’m honest I made these at lunch time and was just so desperate to try them. I even gave one to Alex who had no idea they were ‘free from’ – so I can confirm that they are crowd pleasers.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to find brands like this in the world and I’m just so excited that these guys are now on my radar. If you know you’ve got a slumber party coming up, a tricky party guest or a child with an intolerance I’d say these are defo worth a try. Check out the Angels & Cookies website HERE to order yours.

(PS. This isn’t sponsored, I just bloody loved them and had to share). xxx


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