I must have tried every single shampoo and conditioner that Boots has had to offer over the years. I have fallen into the trap of believing every marketing campaign ever done and spent a fortune on bottles that promise to ease my frizz and give me soft and silky hair. Treseme, Aveda, John Freida, Elvive, Garnier, Herbal Essences and OGX are just a few of the brands that have graced my shower floor over the last few years and they have pretty much all dried it out, made it greasy or most annoyingly: done nothing at all.

The thing that annoys me most about this, is that shampoo and conditioner are an investment. Unless you’re washing the stuff out with Moet, the idea of using a brand once and throwing the remaining £8 into the bin is not only incredibly annoying, but totally unrealistic and so please trust me when I say that this process has taken a huge amount of experimentation. Having had the words ‘waste not, want not’ drummed into me as a child, there has never been a bottle that has gone unfinished and the thing that suffered the most in all of this was my hair.

After years of dry hair treatments that weren’t doing me any favours I came to the following conclusion: the problem must be with me. SURELY all of these brands can’t be wrong. SURELY other people are having their frizz eased by John Frieda, otherwise: WHY WOULD IT SAY IT ON THE BOTTLE? Perhaps I just need to accept my hair for what it is and find other ways of dealing with it. Introducing my hair oil phase, otherwise known as the ‘hissing’ period when my straighteners singed my oiled locks and left me with a broken, greasy, mane. This one ended, thankfully, but it was replaced by the inevitable ‘hair up’ phase – the one that literally saw me pull every strand to the top of my head and leave it there every day so I didn’t need to show the world quite how dry and broken my ends had become. I got to the point where I dreaded going to the hairdressers because I knew that they would tell me that they needed to take ‘at least another inch off’ and it was being removed faster than it could possibly be growing.

But then. *DRUMROLL PLEASE* my hairdresser suggested something to me which, since we have already established I’m a sucker for a marketing campaign and basically do everything that I am told, I bought. That was the Philip Kingsley Re-Mositurisng Shampoo and Conditioner. AKA the only shampoo that I will ever use, thank you and goodnight. I’m not going to pretend to know what is in it that makes it so damn marvellous and I certainly haven’t been paid to say this, I’m literally just telling you the story of how I made my hair look less beasty and more beauty and in this scenario, Philip Kingsley and his team of scientists were my fairy godmothers.

Since using it my hair has done the following things: grown, stopped looking so dry, dried in a much more manageable way, been something that doesn’t drive me absolutely mad. And to be honest that is good enough for me. But if it’s not good enough for you and you like the nitty gritty details of things that you put in your hair, here is the official description of the product: Ideal for coarse hair. Coarse hair is hair that feels rough in texture that there is a lot of. This hair type can be either straight or curly but typically is coarse and can be difficult to manage. Gently cleansers, hydrates and strengthens the hair, reducing breaking caused by snapping. The reviews (which all adore it by the way) are all from women with a lot of long, thick or curly and wavy hair, so I suppose you need to judge for yourself if this is something that you will find helpful.

The only thing that I will say about this product that you might not love, is the price. They are quite expensive, HOWEVER, a little bit goes along way and after two decades of terrible hair I have decided at this point that I would probably pay anything if it meant I’d have smooth and manageable locks.

The Shampoo
The Conditioner
The Smooth & Shiny Bundle

And while I am here and raving about Philip Kingsley I feel like it is also a good time to mention The Elasticizer Treatment which I believe is the most popular product in their range for the simple reason that it is AHMAZING. I’ve talked about this before but it is basically a pre-shampoo treatment that moisturizes your cuticles to boost elasticity and bounce. You leave it in for 20 minutes before your shower and ermigaddd I’m obsessed. I also believe that it is responsible with the fact that my hair has grown so much recently. For anyone who is finding that their hair isn’t growing at any particular speed at the moment, I can certainly recommend this.

Mini Bottle (one in picture) Elasticizer
Full size pot Elasticizer

So YES. There you go. To be honest I do love the whole Philip Kingsley range and since discovering them I have not only recommended them to everyone but have deemed it an expense that I can justify. It feels very good to have found something that works for my hair and my only regret is that it took SO long and cost me so much to try every other brand out there!

If you are on the hunt for new shampoo and conditioner but you have different hair needs, check out the rest of the PK range HERE. My mum uses one of the treatments (the swimcap) and my sister uses a the ‘no scent’ range for her hair and both of them swear by their various ones so perhaps it’s worth taking a look!


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