I have just come across a stationery brand that I have fallen totally, head-over-heels, in love with. It’s called Words With Heart and was set up in Australia at the end of 2014 by a woman called Lauren, a “social entrepreneur with a passion for products that do good”, as she is described on her website.

So, still eleven at heart, I love myself some stationery and probably fantasise more about it than I should, which is perhaps why, when you take into consideration by love for stationery and then my life mission to empower girls and encourage them to love themselves, I fell SO in love with Lauren and her company. A quick nosy on her website has taught me that this woman is not only a legend, but that we all need her products in our lives. In the ‘About’ section of Words With Heart I found Lauren’s story of why she started the brand and when you hear it, you’ll love her like I do:

“Earlier this year I was at the airport, and on my way to the boarding gate I stopped to buy a notebook. Walking into the stationery store I saw something that really bothered me. It was a notebook for girls, and it had the phrase ‘Boys, heels, blogs – let’s get back to basics’ written across the cover. It might have been tongue in cheek, but I was pretty upset about this hugely dis-empowering statement.”

She described getting onto the plane and not being able to get the notebook out of her mind: “what if that statement had been an empowering one instead? What if there was a stationery brand that had a truly positive impact- and not just in consideration of the front cover, but in terms of sustainability and philanthropy as well?”

So in true #girlboss style, she made one. Lauren founded Words with Heart, a new approach to stationery “combining environmentally responsible production, funding for women’s and girl’s education projects, and words that empower. It’s a brand for people that want to create a better world.”

So where do we sign up right??? Fast-forward three years and Words With Heart now creates some gorgeous notebooks which are not only adorable and fabulous, but are INCREDIBLE because they use 100% recycled paper, eco inks and green electricity. They also use a portion of their profits to fund education days for women and girls in the developing world. They’re currently funding projects in Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Uganda and Nepal and when a business or customer buys a notebook, Words With Heart lets them know how many days of education they are helping to fund. Some of these projects support girls in primary and high school, paying for school fees, uniforms, books and sanitary pads, others support small business training, teaching women the skills to start and grow successful small businesses. In Lauren’s own words: “Investing in education is THE most powerful way to empower women.”

So far Words With Heart funded more than 60,000 education days for women and girls in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Cambodia.

I write everything down in a notebook. The one that I have now is full of ideas and spelling mistakes and I take it everywhere with me. I buy them, probably more often than I should, and I know that I’m not on my own with that. And so the idea of buying something that I love anyway that is going to change the life of a girl in a developing country? I honestly can’t think of anything better. I will be placing my first order this afternoon and I would really encourage you to do the same. I think it’s brands like this that are going to change the world and it’s so beautiful that Lauren has given us the chance to be a part of that.

Check out the Words With Heart website HERE.


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