One of my all time favourite things about holidays is the time that you have to read. I always take so many out with me and find myself devouring them in a day. There’s nothing better than piles and piles of read pages with sand tucked into the spine and suncream finger stains on the cover. I had a bit of work to do this holiday so didn’t get to read quite as much I would like. But I still managed eight wonderful books and so I thought I would share them with you guys in case anyone out there is on the hunt for a good book to get your nose into!

Life After Life
Kate Attkinson

I was reading this for a long time before the holiday as it took quite a while for me to get into it at home (I never have the time in London!) It’s a very interesting idea for a book, looking a lot at the idea of ‘what if…’ Once on holiday I finished it in a day- all it took was a bit of dedication after months of struggling. It might be because it’s not the most satisfying plot line but still a great book for anyone who likes Kate Attkinson or wants a book that will get them thinking. I was on the hunt for days after I finished for somebody to talk to about it.

Remains Of The Day
Kazuo Ishiguro

I think this is the kind of book that you would describe as a classic. My mum recommended it to me after we watched Dontown Abbey together. Although it’s not the most thrilling plot line (it literally describes one guy driving across the country to visit an ex-colleague), it is so beautifully written that I just LOVED reading it. I also felt myself wanting to improve as a writer. Ishiguro also wrote the book Never Let Me Go, which is apparently just amazing so I’ve got that one on the way to me as we speak.

How To Live
Peter Johns

This is a MUST READ. This was actually written by a friend of my mum’s for his daughter who had been diagnosed with cancer at the age of nine. After beating all of the odds, Meg survived and by the time her 18th birthday came around, Peter decided that the most beautiful, meaningful gift that he could give her was a book, written by him. A User’s Guide To Life. This book is so powerful and perfect and wonderful, you really must read it.

The Trouble With Goats and Sheep
Joanna Cannon

I ADORED this book and have since recommended it to everyone. The majority of it is written from the point of view of a ten year old who, with her best friend, starts to look for God in her neighbour’s homes. The storyline is compelling, sinister at times, but written in such a beautifully innocent way you can’t help but fall in love with it. I inhaled this book and seriously recommend it to anyone who is on the look out for a summer read.

The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck
Sarah Knight

I have seen this book EVERYWHERE over the last few months and going on the title I thought that I would love it. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. Although I love the idea, I personally found it to have one too many ‘fucks’ in it. I understand the appeal and really wanted to love it. For people who really do struggle to say ‘no’ and stop caring so much, I would say to give it a go.

Now We Are 40
Tiffanie Dark

Generation X members: READ THIS BOOK. I am a millennial but I still adored it. Thiffaine is a journalist and this book is part memoir and part a look at politics and sex and society. It gave me a whole new perspective about pretty much everything and had me wishing that I had been born 15 years earlier. Seriously though, to anyone nearing, or over 40, I really would recommend buying and reading this fabulous book.

We Were The Lucky Ones
Georgia Hunter

This. Book. Changed. Everything. I did not speak to anyone for two days as I demolished this book. It is an incredibly true story of a Jewish-Polish family in World War Two. It is incredibly harrowing, shocking and heartbreaking but so amazing. It’s not an easy read but being a true story, I just found it to be so important. This was by far and away my story of the holiday, probably the year and I highly recommend it.

The Anxiety Solution
Chloe Brotheridge

Anxiety sufferers: this is a must read. Like a must must must read. I was sent this by Chloe and have never been so grateful for anything. It’s practical and wonderful and it’s important. If you are struggling with anxiety, please read this. Please. Chloe is a legend and I not only loved this book, but took a lot of practical advice from it.

Can I Speak To Someone In Charge

Ahaha OK so I had to proof read my own book whilst I was away and without meaning to be a cheeky bitch I saw this as an opportunity to remind you that my book is available to pre-order now 💛 xxxx


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