Stationary lovers, brace yourselves because, I’m about to make you so excited that you’re going to want to cry. Introducing the 52 Week Journal by the Happiness Planner. A year long diary that aims to help you embrace the power of positive thinking, be more mindful and most importantly, ensure your happiness! Not only is it super beautiful but it’s so damn thoughtful that I can’t help but be inspired by it. I know you’re already sold and you’re looking for a link to buy one right now but first let me take you through this planner.

The first twenty pages or so are made up of a questionnaire. ‘What makes you happy?’ ‘What makes you unhappy?’ etc. I think to do this properly you will need to set aside an hour or so to really look into yourself and answer these questions honestly. I think honesty is very important with this journal as if you’re lying, you’re only lying to yourself.

And then the diary begins. These planners are also available as a Jan-Dec calendar (we missed the boat a bit with that one) or as 100 day planner. I chose this one as I think it is a) beautiful and b) a project that I want to take on for a year.

At the end of it all, you fill out the 52-Week Review. This is like the questionnaire at the beginning and is obviously done so you can see how far you come. I’m the type of girl who always skips to the end of a book when I’m only half way through and so I’m already excited to get to this bit and draw a comparison.

I’ve never been able to keep a journal before and I am so excited by this as I really believe that I’m going to keep it up. I’m a huge lover of the idea of mindfulness but absolutely crap when it comes to putting it into practise and I have been looking for some help with that in mind. The help it seems, is here.

The notebook is also available in other colours, I just went for pink cause I’m predictable like that. Check out their website HERE.

I honestly haven’t been this excited about a piece of stationary since my mum got me a fluffy purple ‘Groovy Chick’ pencil case and notebook combo when I started year 4.


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