So I saw in the news yesterday that body-shamers had got their teeth into Lady Gaga following her Super Bowl performance due to her beer belly. Before I carry on I’m going to share the photo of this monstrosity below, take all the time that you need to process how REPULSIVE this woman is, how DISGUSTING her stomach is, how much she has LET HERSELF GO.

I know guys, I know, take a minute. Unbelievable isn’t it?!

YES. It is unbelievable. It’s unbelievable that this woman; this beautiful, powerful, incredibly strong, feminist, talented role model to millions is being shamed for something that is so totally and utterly ridiculous. I can’t believe I’m writing about this, I didn’t want to, because I didn’t want to justify this, to admit that it was happening but I couldn’t leave it, I couldn’t let this be. Because this is ridiculous.

The good news is, scrolling through Twitter this morning I found it to be awash with very ‘positive’ tweets: “if Lady Gaga is fat, I want to be fat too”, “if you think Lady Gaga is fat then you need to delete your account”, “I hate anyone who says that Lady Gaga is fat.” It seems the majority of the human race don’t think she is fat. In other words, the majority of the human race can see.

But if it didn’t come from them, from us, the majority, then who did it come from? Who started this? Why has it been news for three days? This didn’t happen because one troll said quietly on Sunday night “she’s looking a little porky”, no one would have noticed this. This happened for other reasons. Most worryingly, I think it happened, I think it is happening not just because of the trolls, but because of the ‘positive’ comments too. Well meaning tweets such as: “It’s so nice to see Lady Gaga with a bit of a tummy” and “how great that Lady Gaga now has stomach rolls” might just be the problem here. Because, compliment or not, they’re calling her weight into question. Which of course proves to us once again that there is seemingly nothing that you can do in this life, as a woman, without your appearance being called into question.

I work out a lot. Over the last few weeks I have been in the gym nearly every day. I also eat incredibly well, in part because I am ill and I have to and in part due to the fact that I am trying to take better care of myself in general. There is one thing that I know for certain: I am not fat. However, because I am a human who enjoys a pizza from time to time, when I sit down, my stomach rolls. When I jump, I wobble and if you look closely you will see evidence of stretch marks and cellulite on my body. See for yourself:

Sometimes it frustrates me that my stomach does this; I often think to myself: I work out so much and eat so well why is it that my stomach still does this? Well a nutritionist or personal trainer would tell you it’s because I do indulge from time to time; I work out for an hour a day when I could be working out for three. Sure having a burger without a bun is really great but if I was serious about this I wouldn’t be having a burger at all. Oh you like gin do you? That’ll be to blame.

Why am I showing you my body? What have I got to do with this? I wanted to show you the body of a ‘relatively’ fit, not fat person, so that you can draw a comparison and realise, in case you hadn’t, quite how un-fat Lady Gaga is.I still have stomach rolls because I am not a machine. I don’t know how I could physically do better than I am doing to get rid of them, I am at a loss. So I can only imagine HOW HARD Lady Gaga must have worked to get the body that she has got. The training, the nutrition, the strength, it’s so truly admirable. And yet… to some, she’s ‘fat’?

To anyone in any doubt still, I will say it again: LADY GAGA IS NOT FAT. Lady Gaga does not have fat. Lady Gaga has not let herself go. She doesn’t have a beer belly. What Lady Gaga does have is a figure that MILLIONS of people envy. That most of us, I suspect, look at and wish for. Society has made us believe that she is fat. We know she’s not. Deep down, we KNOW she’s not. Hell, we don’t even have to go deep down, most of us only need to look down, to confirm it.

I cannot bear this. I can’t bear that this is a story that has been in the news for so long, that it has even been called into question, but here we are. In a world that I hate. Guys, enough of this. We cannot keep commenting on weight, even if we think that it is a compliment. We need to get ourselves to a point where we can respect someone enough to look at them, really look at them, and truly, honestly, totally, not give a fuck what their stomach is up to.



  1. Tom
    February 7, 2017 / 6:46 pm

    Very well said!!
    Your opinion is spot on. It’s incredibly hard
    (virtually impossible) for your body to look sleek, firm and tight ALL the time!

    We are human…
    Our skin is meant to be flexible and move, and our body is designed to have certain levels of fat and tissue that offers protection to vital organs.
    It’s the nature of how we are built!
    You can’t expect these soft and pliable substances (which are normal) to always look solid and firm…
    That just wouldn’t be realistic!

    I’ve seen professional male bodybuilders with 8% fat levels sit on a bar stool and seem to have a belly! 8% fat!
    That’s virtually nothing!!

    I hate that the smallest of details are post up on social media to be judged and criticised…

    Nobody is flawless and we shouldn’t be so opinionated over trival matters in life.
    Unity and support is the key in life and wellbeing!

  2. Angela Moore
    August 14, 2018 / 1:50 am

    Airbrushing needs to banished forever. Gaga is a woman. She has a woman’s body. She has stretch marks and cellulite. I think she looks amazing! You do too.

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