Hello lovely friends and Happy (almost, depending on when you are reading this) Pancake day! This is one of THE most random national holiday’s of the year and as a result I love it SO much. Pancakes are my all time favourite breakfast treat and the fact that we have a whole day dedicated to them and them alone is totally legendary.

When my tummy was really bad at Christmas pancakes were, weirdly, one of the only things that I ate. I obviously can’t eat gluten and dairy and whilst I was avoiding seeds and nuts I found this to be a wonderful breakfast option.

They’re also the easiest things EVER to make! I was under the impression, before I started basically living off them, that they were such a faff. I thought that there would be complicated recipes to follow, that I’d be crap at flipping them and that I’d basically just fuck them up every time I tried, but I was SO wrong. They pretty much take as much time to make in the morning as my porridge does and are SO easy, made out of just three ingredients!

So since I can’t eat gluten and dairy I make my pancakes with buckwheat flour and almond milk but you absolutely don’t need to do that at all! The recipe permits any kind of milk and flour and I actually adapted it originally to make it ‘free-from’.


1 egg
2oz flour
4floz milk

Pour the flour into a bowl and using your finger, create a ‘whole’ in the middle. Take your egg and break it into the whole that you made in the flours. Start to whisk your ingredients together adding milk as you go. Try not to throw all the ingredients in together as this will cause lumps to form, doing it bit by bit stops this from happening!


Agave Nectar (very similar to maple syrup!)
(I also love lemon and sugar and adding strawberries to the blueberries!)

I mean seriously, does it get any easier than that? If I were you, I’d set the alarm for 15 minutes earlier tomorrow morning and get to making yourself some pancakes before work! Every year I forget to do it at breakfast and promise myself that I’ll do it after work, I ALWAYS forget to do that and before I know it the day has passed me by. But not this time! Tomorrow morning I’m starting Shrove Tuesday off right, up early and whipping up some pancakes like the domestic goddess that I’ve always wanted to be!

If you do try this PLEASE tweet me or comment with your photos to let me know how they turn out! Happy Pancake Day! xxx


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