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Ever since flared trousers (thankfully) went out of fashion in 2006, I have been wearing skinny jeans. Wherever possible (my mum permitting), they have been as tight as possible and normally from Topshop (either the Leigh or the Jamie style) and for the last decade they have suited me just fine. Trends have come and gone but ever cautious me has shied away from them, appreciating and occasionally acknowledging them for a distance, all the while sticking to something that was tried and tested and flattered my body.

Recently though I’ve noticed a trend that I really wanted to be a part of, but one that would mean me branching away from the safety of my skinny jeans. It was of course, the world’s latest obsession with baggy jeans. All of a sudden, almost over night, skinny jeans were traded in and in their place appeared something that I never thought the fashion world would see again.

As much as I wanted to get in on this, I had my reservations: I’m not tall, in fact if anything, I’m actually quite small and I’ve got more in the way of curves than any of the women that I’d seen them modelled on (quelle-surprise!) and, in truth, I didn’t think that I could pull them off.

You don’t know until you try though right? So I did, I tried them

So on this particular adventure, I noticed a few things. First things first: there’s more than one kind of ‘baggy’ jean; there’s the ‘mom’ jean, there is the ‘boyfriend’ jean and there is the ‘dad’ jean. I started off by ordering what I thought I wanted, the ‘mom’ jean from Topshop in my normal size: 26″30″. This was my first mistake; I’ve never been so disappointed with a piece of clothing in my whole life. They were so tight that my fat was being squished out of the rips in the leg and I couldn’t even bend down without feeling like I was doing irrepreable damage to my internal organs. They were also stupidly unflattering and made me look short and, if I’m honest, a bit fat in all the wrong places. I told myself that it was because they were too small and the minute I found them in my size I would kook just like the women that I saw on Instagram. Sadly, but not surprisingly, I was wrong. They clung onto my bum for dear life, were just as unflattering as the smaller pair and I damn near gave up on the whole mission then and there.

But damn, this was a trend that I really wanted to get on board with. So I ventured back out of the changing room and found a pair of Hayden jeans (still in Topshop) which are also baggy and also ripped but fall under the bracket of ‘boyfriend’ jeans; they’re considerably baggier and much more low rise. Again I tried these in my normal size but somehow they didn’t look right, these were clearly meant to be baggy and were again too tight on the arse and thigh area so I went for a size bigger, 28″30″. Annoyingly this pair was actually too big and couldn’t be worn without a belt but I wanted them so badly so I bought them regardless.

Damn these things are comfortable and I look so flipping trendy, I’m so loving this look. At first I was worried that I looked sloppy and shabby but somehow I found myself feeling rather chic when out and about.

I spend a lot of time worrying about wearing something flattering, trying to find things that suit my figure and as a result I let some trends pass me by as I’m too scared to try them. I worry people will laugh or point or judge or think that I’m too short or chubby or whatever to be cool. But this is one that I am really happy I tried though and one that I think will do a great thing for my wardrobe as a whole going forwards.

I walk down the street feeling pretty kick ass and really that’s all I can really hope for right?


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